Monday 20 July 2015

Are you looking for some New Costumes this year #Review

For some of you, this might be too early to talk about Halloween, but we are getting ready for it. In the last few year, we went trick or treating with our kiddos and wish we put on some awesome costume but we didn't have anything WOW. My husband has a lot of humor and he had an eye for these Funny Costumes from Costume Super Centre. They have a wide range of options for us. I spent a lot of time browsing their website. It is a lot of fun. Finally, my husband decided that he want to be a Bull rider this year. Can you imagine walking down the street with an inflatable bull rider outfit? It already sounds super awesome right?

Men's Inflatable Bull Rider Costume is a one size fit all costume. It comes with Hat, Neck Scarf, Jumpsuit and Battery Operated Fan. The outfit made from 100% Polyester. It is recommend to hand wash this outfit if needed. I already have a picture in my head seeing him walking with our daughter trick or treating. There will be a lot of people pointing out at them.

Comes with hat, red neck scarf, jumpsuit, battery operated fan. 
The fan fits perfectly well with the outfit when I tried it on. At first I thought it might be a little heavy but it is not a problem at all.

It does requires 4 AA batteries. Too bad that it didn't come with. Oh, well.

 Here's what inside the package looks like.

 The bull.

 The feet made into a boots cover.

 This is what in the plastic bag next to the bull, the red scarf, the hat and batteries container for the fan. It comes with instruction about how to install the fan to the bull too.

 I found that the fan has already been installed for me. 

 This is the bag of the fan.

 I just plugged in the fan to the batteries container.

 I put it on and this is what it looks like when I squeeze to get it ready to turn the switch on. Works really well to keep the air in. I was thinking about it might not lock the air in but it is perfectly fine.

 When I put it on, the fan is kind of in the back.

Tada! What do you think? Another reason that my husband chose this outfit is because my legs are the bulls front legs which make it looks real. It looks better than having our legs in the middle and make it looks like the bull has 6 legs, even though I can put black pants on but that still can see in the light, right? The fan works so well and didn't take long at all. I would say it took me under 1 minute.

 The front

And the back.

I think it is going to be a very fun trick or treating this year with our kids! I cannot wait already. So much fun like this, don't forget to Like CSC on Facebook !


  1. Cute! It's great that it is so quick to put on and inflate.

  2. I've never seen these in the shops, a really good idea and makes everyone look twice. :-)


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