Wednesday 22 July 2015

LittleLife daysack with rein #Review

I have seen many daysack or bag pack for my little one quite a bit this year. I have came across this cute little daysack, LittleLife Toddler daysack from Oyaco. These are many cute designs that will make your beloved toddler love to wear it all the time. It is very durable, comes with detachable safety rein. It is an award-winning products and very practical to use. My most favorite part is it has chest strap! I have been trying to find a bag pack or daysack with chest strap but I couldn't find one before.

The products available for your child can choose from Bella the beautiful butterfly, Rory the friendly dinosaur or 5 other fun members of the LittleLife animal family! Both of my kids love it. My daughter wanted to try it on right away. She is almost 4 years old. At first I thought she is too big for this pack but it's actually fits her.I don't even have to mention about my son, he is perfectly fit as well.

 We picked this one for our kiddos. Love the dinosaur's long tail.

Closure look from the top zipped closure.

 The back. As you can see the detachable rein.

 Detachable rein and grab handle.

 I just unpacked it.

 Side way.

Each of the daysacks have 2 litre compartment with zipped closure. It can store anything from day-to-day items, snacks or toys that our toddler loves. On top of the pack also has grab handle too.

 The inside.

 Label for your child's name and address.

 Chest strap.

All of LittleLife products have been designed with child’s safety and comfort as a priority. It complies with safety standard EN 13210-2004 for Children's Harnesses and Reins. Each bag has soft and comfortable, padded shoulder straps as well as a fully-adjustable chest strap to ensure that the bag fits securely on little shoulders. Inside the bag also has an internal name and address label.

Technical Info

Weight: 200 g (7oz.)

Dimensions (unpacked): 14 x 18 x 23 cm (5½x7x9")

Capacity: 2 litres

Suitable for Ages: 1 - 4 years

About OYACO:

OYACO is a Canadian distributor of innovative, safe and high quality baby, maternity and children's products. OYACO is based in Calgary, Alberta and ships its 30 product lines to over 600 retail and online stores across the country.

Last but not least, This is my daughter who refused to take it off.


  1. What a cute backpack. Great to help keep track of little ones :)

  2. These are such cute backpacks! I hadn't thought of chest straps on backpacks, but I can see how they would be really useful. The detachable rein is also great to keep the child near, but allow them to have both hands free instead of mommy holding their hand.


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