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I am always open to reviewing a wide variety of companies and products, I love to share my findings with the others. The products could be anything such as healthy products, toys, food, products for your home, travel related reviews, entertainment opportunities services, entertainment, websites and resources for parents, families, women and children, you name it. I like to try it out. I also enjoy helping promote the products.

I do all these by writing a review post including my positive or neutral opinion, your company information and any contact links to your company (Twitter and Facebook).

All products sent to me for review will not be returned. I will write honest review and not interested in writing or posting a negative review. I require the review product to be a full size. Review items are to be kept once used and not "loaned"or returned to sponsor or used as prize. 

I'm also passionate about giveaways - both entering and hosting! It's exciting to learn about new companies and products, and to give away and win some terrific products. I post giveaways on the blog, either in combination with a review or on there own.  

Giveaways are a great way to promote your product and create buzz. Mandatory entries can be requested by the sponsor if they would like example; newsletter signup, twitter follow etc. I also post links on other blogs link ups for maximum exposure. 

Please note that “Learn to be a Mom” writes honest reviews. I share true opinions about products. However, if a particular product has provided me with a uniquely negative experience, “Learn to be a Mom” reserves the right to withhold from posting a review. In this case, the product will not be returned to the sender and the company/PR firm that provided the item will be contacted to advise why a review was not posted.
Thank you for considering a partnership with “Learn to be a Mom”. Please contact me and we will discuss your promotional needs and wishes.

Social Media stats (as of October 29th, 2018)


Networked blogs: 219

Twitter: 2,874

Facebook: 2,839


Instagram: 777

Youtube : 205

Alexa Traffic Rank in Canada : 30,648

Klout Ranking: 45

Demographic - Readers:
Canada 73%
USA 18%
Other 9%

Review Requirements:
Reviews are unbiased and are not to be intended to substitute any professional opinion. Products and services are to be provided to “Learn to be a Mom” free of charge and will be, under no circumstances, returned to the sender. “Learn to be a Mom” requires full/regular sizes of product in order to complete a proper review. Sample sizes will not be accepted. “Learn to be a Mom” will not be responsible for shipping, duty or taxes charges on items. 

Any items sent to “Learn to be a Mom” for review without previous knowledge or consent will be ours to do with as “Learn to be a Mom” see fit. Review items sent without knowledge and prize sent to me to be shipped will be gifted or donated.

If you would like to offer a promotional code along with a review and/or giveaway, please provide the code and any associated stipulations (for example, how long it is good for.)
Reviews and giveaways are published in a timely fashion on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like a review and/or giveaway posted by a specific date, please let “Learn to be a Mom” know and I will review the request. 

Your product(s) will be reviewed first hand by my immediate family whenever possible. Barring this (for example, if I am reviewing a children's toy with a recommended age older than my daughter's current age) I will "recruit" extended family members and/or friends with children. 

Giveaway Requirements:

“Learn to be a Mom” requires a minimum of two products when hosting giveaways, one for review purposes and/or for my wage for promoting your products on my blog and at least one for the giveaway. Giveaways are sponsored by either the service/product provider or a third party such as a public relations firm. Prizes and shipping costs are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Guidelines specific to giveaways:
Unless otherwise requested, a giveaway will last for two to four weeks. will be used for running giveaways and choosing winners. Upon the individually stated official closing date of each giveaway. Odds of winning vary upon the number of entries in each giveaway. A variety of entry options will be included. Unless requested otherwise, a mandatory entry will be to visit your website and comment on a product and/or something the individual learned; additional entries will be awarded for following both of us in various ways and promoting the giveaway. “Learn to be a Mom” will promote all giveaways through various social media including Twitter, Facebook and giveaway sites to get the word out! 

Sponsors please feel free to request specific links to be used in a post. “Learn to be a Mom” would prefer that giveaways offered on my site are available to Canadians, as this is a Canada-friendly blog. However, you (as the sponsor) have the final authority to determine which country's residents are eligible to enter the giveaway. It is the responsibility of the company or PR rep to ship the prize to the winner. “Learn to be a Mom” reserve the right to donate prizes shipped directly to me as I see fit. “Learn to be a Mom” will not ship prizes for sponsors.   

This information is subject to change at any time.

Other Advertising:
If you are interesting in other forms of advertising with “Learn to be a Mom”, for example, sidebar buttons, paid/sponsored posts, please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss this further. This information is subject to change at any time.



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