Narathip, you have been a pleasure to work with.  I have found you to be very professional both in your reviews as well as in our correspondence.  You have been very gracious in taking the time to follow suggestions I have made and you were not afraid to ask questions in order to clarify my requests. Working with you has been a positive experience and we thank you for helping us to reach your readers so that they can learn more about our products.
Thank you very much.


"I am very impressed with the review conducted by Narathip at Learn to be a Mom. She took the time to make a video of her daughter opening the parcel, and conducted a thorough, very detailed review of our pillows. She did the necessary research on her own of our pillows and explained our products in a way that was very engaging. I highly recommend anyone collaborating with Narathip. She is reliable, professional and produced a very informative review for our company. I look forward to future collaborations with Narathip at Learn to be a Mom."


"It was a pleasure working with you.  I really appreciate how quick your post and reviews were up.
 And I really appreciated you sending me your link on time!"


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