Thursday 27 November 2014

Gift Guide: Good night and sleep tight with Love to...Swaddle Up and Love to .... Layer On Merino #review #GiftGuide

Even though Elias is 7 months, his heart condition and the extra Chromosome put his development behind in comparison to other children at his age. After his recent surgery, I am still having to wake up during the night to feed him. Sometimes, I have to wake up every 2-3 hours, especially when he is sick. When I pick him up, usually his hands and feet are icy cold. I think, part of the reason he wakes up is because he is cold and uncomfortable.

I try to wrap him with a blanket. He seems to sleep better for a while but usually he ends up moving around too much and is no longer covered or ends up with the blanket over his face.

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I visited Cariboo Distribution website and found the Love to dream product line. There are 3 different stages: The Swaddling (0-4 months), The Swaddle Up (4-8 months) and Inventa sleep bag (4-36 months.) They are pros in baby's sleeping. From their research, babies can sleep better with arms up because it is a position that baby can self-soothe and will sleep longer. (I have noticed that Elias sleeps in this position too.)

Since Elias is passed 4 months old already, I was interested in trying the Swaddle up 50//50 with Love to layer ON.

The Swaddle up 50/50 works just like Swaddle up original. The special feature is there are an easy zip-off wings to help to transition baby from swaddling to sleeping with both arms free. Elias seems to sleep better in swaddle up position still but I like the option to zip off each wing when I feel that he is ready for that.

Love to Layer On Merino is my answer to keeping him warm during the night. Instead of having blanket on his face, Layer On Merino will keep him nice and ward and still in swaddle position. We love Merino wool and know warm it is. It is not thick and heavy but very warm. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Instead of wrapping him so thick with many blankets and clothes, just one layer on top of the Swaddle up is enough.

Thank you to Love to Dream for letting me try Swaddle Up and love to layer on Merino. If you would like to purchase your own, visit Cariboo Distribution.

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  1. What a neat product! I love that it can transition and grow with the baby. All my kids loved being swaddled but they definitely liked having their arms free as they got older. Thanks for the review!

  2. What a great solution to the little guys cold hands! Hope it helps you both get some sleep :)

  3. what a fantastic idea this firm has had, a great product and I wish I'd had something like this when my children were babies.


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