Tuesday 20 April 2021

Best Mother's day gifts T-shirt with free shipping through Amazon

The weather is getting nicer and warmer this week. Many of my flowers in the garden started to come up. I am so ready for spring to be here. Talking about spring makes me think about Mother's day which is coming up within a month. 

For this occasion, I am checking out some beautiful/fun shirts on Amazon with a free shipping option for Mother's day. Let's check some out together.

[Relaxing day for mom T-Shirt]

[Free Shipping]

This first one here is a sloth lying down on her favorite pillow with a cup of coffee in her hand. The letter on T-shirt says, "My kids love me and wishing me a day like this". Isn't this what every mother want to have on Mother's day? (Or I would say, I want this more than just once a year.) What a real break for mom. I really like this design as I can relate to myself. As a mom of 3 young kids and one with a special needs, I really need a day like this.


[Kawaii chocolate mocha T-Shirt] 

[Free Shipping] 

This second shirt is just super cute!! I think it is a perfect gift for a mother who loves chocolate and coffee. The design is a coffee travel mug with a bar of chocolate. The Japanese letter says, "Mocha". Oh, I get it. Mocha is a chocolate coffee drink! What a perfect combination. It is such a cute Kawaii design. I love it. Now, who has mom that love to drink coffee especially mocha coffee and maybe a love of chocolate too.


[Celebrate mom with flowers Premium T-Shirt] 

[Free Shipping] 

This third design is really a beautiful design for a perfect mother. Isn't this one totally a formal design for any mom out there? We checked out a funny (but true) one and the second is a cute design for moms who loves anything Kawaii. This one is very generic and strait forward for Mother's day. I love the beautiful flowers around the words, "Happy Mother's day". This T-shirt is also a premium T-shirt which the others are just a regular T-shirt. With the price is all the same for $25, I think you get more bang for your buck. I would say, not only for mom but for grandma as well. I think any grandma will love this design.

 [Neko mom T-Shirt] 

[Free Shipping] 

Last but not least, This is another cute one for any mother who loves cat. This Kawaii orange kitty is a big nice print on the lovely shirt. There are so many color you can choose from too. Click on the link to see what color is your mom's favorite color and buy it right away to get it before mother's day. The Japanese letter say, "Neko" which means cat. Oh, I really love all of these designs here. I wouldn't mind getting all of this as a gift for myself!

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