Monday 1 June 2015

Easy@Home Areta 10 Parameter Urinalysis Test (100 strips) #Review

Not too long ago, I wrote a review for Easy@Home Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests. Today I have another great product from Easy@Home, Easy@Home Areta 10 Parameter Urinalysis Test (100 strips).

This product is FDA Approved and Screening at-risk patients to assist diagnosis in the following areas: diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital, kidney disorders, urinary tract infections, carbohydrate metabolism (e.g. diabetes mellitus), liver function, acid-base balance and urine concentration. It is very easy to use. I remembered using the same looking product at the clinic when I was pregnant with Elias. By having this product on hand at home, it really makes is easier to me. Instead of going to the clinic and wait in line with my toddler that doesn't want to stay still and Elias who is now making a lot of noise, by using the test strips at home is way less stress for me.

Ok, what is this Areta test? What do these parameters test?

There are 10 Parameters:

Leukocytes: White blood cell presence may signal infection

Nitrites: Presence may point to urinary tract infection or other infection

Urobilinogen: checks for liver disease

Protein: tests for functioning kidneys

PH: Measures acidity level of urine, may indicate risk of kidney stones

Blood: May show up due to infection, injury, inflammation, cancer or kidney stones.

Specific gravity: Evaluates the body's water balance and urine concentration.

Ketones: Caused by unbalanced diets such as high protein/low carb or disorders of increased metabolism.

Bilirubin: Could indicate liver or gallbladder problems such as gallstones, hepatitis,cirrhosis or tumors.

Glucose: Commonly test for diabetes; measure blood sugar levels in the body

I have tried using the strips. For a first time user like me, I think it is a little complicated. But once you know how to read it, it will be super easy. I contacted the company and asked for help to understand how to read these Parameters, their customer services are very nice and really helpful.

 Opening the bottle.

 Test strips.

An unused strip is a control color before activated. On the bottle, the chart provided shows a full spectrum test ranges of the ten parameters measurements.

I have learned that morning urine is the best for this test. For best result, make sure to test with a fresh sample, nothing under 90 degrees. I have to dip the strip in within seconds evenly. Then wipe off excess urine from the "backside" of the strip to the side of the sample container. Lay the strip flat on a clean dry surface. Make sure to read the results at the 2 minute mark.

This is the strip that ready to read.
It takes 30 seconds - 2 minutes for all parameters to give a result read out. The color of the strip versus the color chart can be a little different. This may have to do with the glossy print and structure of the material used for the test strip.

It is best to read the middle portion of the test strip and match it with the best color spectrum to the corresponding parameter test range on the color chart.

It is important to read the instructions to know normal levels for each parameter. The far left spectrum shows the lowest parameter measurements (outlined area with a hand on the bottom). The lowest parameters SHOULD NOT interpreted as normal levels of each parameter, i.e. reference manual for the parameters normal ranges. For instance, normal ranges of pH of human urine are 4.5-7.0. However the ranges for pH on the bottle shows 5.0 – 9.0. The other is Specific gravity (meaning the density of urine and extra particulates present in the urine). Specific gravity is a useful parameter that tests the density of urine. The manual lists a normal range of 1.016-1.022. Their testing range is between 1.000-1.030.

If you have specific questions about how to screen for certain illnesses, you can reach out to customer support for assistance. As I said before, I have asked them questions and the answers I got from them are really helpful. They have a really good customer service.

Easy@Home Areta 10 Parameter (10SG) Urinalysis Reagent Test Strips, 50 Strips/Bottle is now on sale on Amazon for $16.45. Regular price was at $36.98. Or I can say that you will save 56% on this product. For your conveiently, I attached my affiliate link for you here. 


  1. This is a great product to know about, thank you for the introduction!

  2. I definitely would like to keep this product on hand at home.

  3. I didn't know they had this kind of product for use at home. It would be very convenient to be able to check these things at home and then make a follow-up trip to the doctor if there seemed to be a problem.

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