Thursday 24 March 2016

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice limited edition Hallmark itty bittys #LoveHalmarkCA #BatmanvSuperman

I was just talking to my husband yesterday that we should go for a movie for our date night. After we check what movie shall we watch, we both agree that we are going to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We love superhero movies! We watched the trailer and surprisingly, I thought I saw Wonder Woman! We have heard rumors for a few years now that they are going to make her come back too. I didn't expect to see her in Batman and Superman movie. Anyway, we are super excited and can't wait to go see this movie now.

To help us celebrate the launch of this movie, Hallmark came out with limited edition Hallmark superhero and super villain itty bittys. They available exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. As well, with collectible buttons on Walmart-exclusive superhero greeting cards. 

I have to say that they all are super cool. I received itty bittys Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Penguin and 2 super hero greeting cards. Of course, they are Batman and Super man. Let's take a look together.

First check out my little Batman dude.

 I love the tags. Looks very cool.

He has a cape too.

 This is itty bittys PENGUIN.

 The back.

 Wonder Woman. Look how cute she is.

 Long hair in the back.

 This is itty bittys HARLEY QUINN.

 The back of the villain.

 These are the cards that I received : Batman and Superman.

 It comes with Collectible Buttons too! 

 The inside.

There is a pull tab so that we can take the buttons out.

The itty bittys are $6.95 each and the Super Hero Greeting cards are $4.99 each. Do you like superhero movies? Who is your favorite? and are you going to see Batman V Superman in the theater? Don't forget to get these awesome pint-sized movie companions with you.

*Disclosure - I am apart of Hallmark Press Pause Panel. (And I love it!) The product in this review was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation. #LoveHallmarkCA


  1. I'm afraid that I don't like the itty bittys at all. I find them very disappointing considering they're from Hallmark. The Christmas ones were much nicer.

  2. OH Harely Quinn !! I have a friend on fb who is ranting about this movie (not in a good way either lol)

  3. we will be going to see the Batman V Superman movie, the kids want to see it. I think the itty bittys are adorable!

  4. I much prefer the Christmas itty bittys and the Easter ones too. I can't see these being very successful.

  5. Hallmark has some really fun items. My grandson would love those itty bittys.


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