Monday 28 December 2015

Back to school with WillLand Outdoors Grotto Backpack #Review #WillLand

After all the parties and presents, going back to school can be tough. This Grotto backpack is sure will make it more fun and help you to start school again fresh. The bag is made with large openings and industrial strength zippers. It is a 25L, durable specialized water-resistant material backpack. On the front has WillLand Outdoors Golden Plates. This bag has pockets with built-in laptop pouch that will help you organize your school stuffs. There are 4 options of color for you to choose from : Black, Ocean, Olive, or Pink. I received the Olive one.

Don't forget that WillLand Outdoors products are Canadian design, fair trade and lift time warranty. It is a very good and durable backpack that you won't get upset with it.

Buy it!

Purchase it directly on WillLand Outdoors website for 47% off or Amazon for $59.99 or order online from Staples which is on sale and free shipping right now.


  1. It does look very durable! I LOVE the fabric.

  2. I definitely like the purple better than that sickly greeny/yellow colour.

  3. The Grotto backpack really looks well-made. I especially like that the zippers are industrial strength and that it's water-resistant.


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