Sunday 27 September 2015

My son's favorite tool box : Scout's Build & Discover Tool Box #Review #Giftguide

LeapFrog is our family favorite brand. We have many LeapFrog products at home for our children since they were young. Their innovative toys help keep they kids busy and learning at same time. Lately LeapFrog just sent me a brand new toy : Scout's Build & Discover Tool Box for Elias.

Elias is very interested in his new tool box when he saw it at first sight. This set is perfect for children age 2-5 years old. Before I finished reading the instruction book, both of my kids managed to take it apart and started to build it again. The tool box comes with 5 tools, a hammer, ruler, saw, screwdriver and spanner, so that you can take it apart and build it as a house for Scout.

When I took it out from package for Elias, I gave him the tool box and passed him the tools, one by one. It is so cute to see that he put each tool into the box. After that we turned the switch on. Scout guides and asks for tools to help build a house for him. The kids have to choose colours to find the right tool for each job. Example, use the red spanner on the red bolt, and so on. Not only that but they also learn how to count nails, measure walls, sing along to the number song and more as Scout talks, sings and encourages exploration. In the conclusion, this toy teaches skills : Colours, Counting and Measurement. Both of my kids enjoy building Scout's house again and again. I really recommend this toys for this coming Christmas.

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