Saturday 11 April 2015

eWomenNetwork Vancouver Chapter hosts 6th annual Women's Success Summit

This coming week has an event for entrepreneurial men and women, the eWomenNetwork Vancouver Chapter.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals don't like networking. Yet they also know relationships can fuel business success and growth. And growth is so important to Vancouver's business community, including the many businesses in the city that are owned by women.

eWomenNetwork is a different kind of networking organization. Based in Dallas and founded by Sandra Yancey and husband Kym Yancey in 2000, eWomenNetwork produces over 2,000 women's business events annually through 118 U.S. and Canadian chapter, including a thriving Vancouver Metro chapter guided by its Executive Managing Director Felicia Lee.

The Vancouver chapter, with 150 members, was launched shortly after eWomenNetwork was founded in 2000.

eWomenNetwork connects female (and some male) business owners and professionals to one another and promotes their products and services via events and its website. It supports the growth of women owned-and-operated organizations by providing them access to resources and connecting them with others who have a shared passion for achievement and prosperity.

Unlike many other networking organizations, it is values-based, with a philosophy that you give to others first. In that spirit, eWomenNetwork runs a foundation in which local chapters give to charities of their choice.

Four years ago, Vancouver-based Marketing Strategist & Business Development Advisor Michela Quilici was a new entrepreneur who lacked a sustainable business model, hated sales, and was an introvert with a recovering speech impediment. Since joining eWomenNetwork, she has achieved a profitable consulting and coaching practice and her business has grown 25% annually. Michela is now a sought-after speaker and contributing author in a best-selling book series.

On this coming Tuesday, April 14th, Sandra Yancey will be in Vancouver to tell women how they can grown their businesses and poise themselves for "super-sized success."

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Here's details:

6th annual Women's Success Summit

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:15am-3:00pm

The Arbutus Club, 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver BC V6J 4A1

Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, will demystify five things all entrepreneurs need to know to change the course of their business and put them on path for super-sized success.

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