Wednesday 15 April 2015

No more tangled earbuds with Cordskinz #Review #Giveaway

Using earbuds has caused me lots of frustration. There are so many products in the market trying to eliminate this problem but they are too much work!

If you are facing the same problem like me, I recommended you to try Cordskinz!

Cordskinz provides three main values

1) Easy Anti-Tangle

2) Cord-Protection and

3) Ability to style earbuds.

I have to say, THESE ARE AMAZING!!! They don't let my headphones get all tangled up and they prevent them from being damaged!! I actually had a few people comment, that they are cool! I love that there is a colour choice, so I can order more colours and I can colour coordinate them with my Ipod and phone cases!

The pink ones I got had this slight twinkle in them which I really liked. It helped the pink stand out more!

So if you are like me and always losing your headphones the colour and twinkle can help you find them a lot easier! This is probably the coolest and greatest invention for headphones! I see people always putting thread on their headphones because its the new trend but I like these cause they look awesome, stop my headphones from tangling and make them easy for me to find when I have misplaced them!

However, get them quickly because I know they are going to be showing up on EVERYONE'S headphones cause they are an awesome product!

Cordskinz also has some simple tips about how to keep this product in place and how to untangle it:

- To keep Cordskinz from coming off of the end, trim about a quarter inch from the end to give it some wiggle room.
- To untangle earbuds, simply hold your earbuds by one cord and give it a gentle shake. If this wasn't clear enough, check out a video here.

You can connect with them on their Facebook page for promotions or discount codes. Check out their photo albums. You will love them! There are so many colours to choose from and only $9.99.

One of my lucky readers will win one Cordskinz, winner's choice of colour! This giveaway is open to USA only.


I love hearing from my readers. :)


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