Tuesday 3 June 2014

The true endings of Disney's tales #Wordless Wednesday with linky

I have read some of these original stories when I was young. What about you guys?


  1. The stories are fun, but they don't provide the best role models for girls.


    1. I agree. It seems like most of the endings are bad.

  2. I have read some of these stories but did not know of the earlier versions, some are horrible. I'll stick with the new versions!!! Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Oh my goodness what tragically different endings!

  4. Very interesting! I knew the endings to some of them but was rather surprised about the ones that were not familiar, like Snow White. Thanks for sharing! Have a great night.

  5. I have read some of the stories, and the sure are not Disney! But in some ways I like the original stories better. At least when you are old enough to understand them.

  6. Whoa thats not really fairy tale like. Will try to read some of this cuz they are interesting =) #WW

  7. I finally found the copy of Grimm's fairytales I had when I was a child that were the original bloody versions. I remember going to school and being so suprised at the cleaned up versions that all the other kids knew. The big disappeared and nobody but me seemed to know anything about it until I came across it at a Library booksale. People must have thought I was nuts, but I was thrilled to discover there was actually a children's book printed, not just the adult books I encountered when I was in college lit courses that covered the bloody versions.


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