Friday 26 July 2013

Potty Training : Who says it's easy

It is an accident. I am sorry.
Yes, I am sorry. It's me not my daughter to say sorry.
And it is my accident not her.

No, I didn't pee my pants.

We are potty training our daughter for a while already. It still doesn't really work. She did good sometimes. But sometimes she still confuse.

So yesterday she was playing in her room. Suddenly, I noticed that she looks like she is going to pee. At that second, I saw some drops coming out. I hurry carried her out of her room to the potty in the other room. Then I heard a thump! My husband felt the house vibrated. I realize in that second. Those drops what were coming out had stopped but instead screaming voice. I forgot that I have to make more room on my left side while I carried her out of the room. But I missed. Her head hit the side of the door!


No bump on her head but there was blood. I put bandage on her head and right away she switched from crying to laughing. I think she thought it's a sticker as a prize for her. And it's a big sticker!

We decided to go to grandma's house after that to keep her awake for a while. Just to make sure she is ok. (After we called our nurse friend.)

Right there just before we left. I heard tinkle sound. I asked my husband if she peed. He said "no" looking at her trying to put his work boots on.

Then he said "wait a sec, she peed in my work boot!"
"She peed in my work boot!"
And many more times that he repeated that sentence. (Sigh)

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  1. Sometimes its just hard.... maybe she thought the boot resembled a potty?


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