Friday, 29 May 2015

Down Syndrome muttering: After many more natural path doctors visits #DownSyndromeLove #DownSyndrome

Since I mentioned about Elias starting solid food last, I have tried so many more suggestions from another DS moms and came up with my own experiments.

Elias is 14 months now. He is finally can SIT!!! Yeah!! Not only that, he can roll too! I am so proud of him and love seeing him roll around the house. When I visited my in-laws, I love showing of him rolling around. Many moms at Strong Start also commented that he moves quite fast now.

I am not sure that all this is because of our crazy visited with natural path doctors. To start with, I am quite frustrated with Elias' congestion since the last September. I believe that it links to his ears problem. One of DS mom told me that her son had the same problem but since they took him to nature path doctor, they never had to get the surgery. So we had an appointment with a pharmacist in Abbotsford who our friend recommended that his prescripts work really good within 2 weeks! It is different when we visited him and he asked to see my hands and my tongue. Then he can tell, which part of my body that I am having problems with. Same way with checking Elias. But he referred us to a herbalist in Richmond since Elias is still very young. He said that a herbalist's medicine will work even faster than his pills.

So off we go to see him. At first, we have to go see him every 3 days. It is quite a drive for every 3 days for us. Again, he asked to see our tongue and check our pulse. It is amazing how much he can tell only checking our pulse! He mixed about 20 herbs for Elias (in powder form) and I give it to him twice a day.

After one month, he can sit and can roll. I am not sure if it is because of the herbs or because it is about time for him to be able to do all these. But I still want to keep trying. We want the best for him. But none of this get rid of his congested!!!

So this last week, we got a chance to see our natural path that we used to visit regularly. I took Elias in and the result turn out that he should avoid wheat, gluten and dairy. This mean I cannot eat it too since I still nurse him. Not to mention that he has intolerance with chocolate, corn, vinegar, rice and tuna. It is very difficult to find any food for me to eat. I have tried Gluten free bread but they either contain corn starch or rice flour. The more I cannot eat, the more I crave for them.

After 1 week, I think it worth all these trouble. Elias hardly congested!! Seriously, I cannot believe it. He got better super fast, after he had it since September last year! I am hoping that we will not need ear surgery and he will be able to drain liquid in the inner ears off himself!

To be continue.....


  1. I'm so glad your getting good results. I know it's hard to know if what you're doing is causing the changes or if, as you say, it was just time for him to start rolling and sitting. but you have to keep trying to do whatever you can to help him. Keep up your good work and don't get discouraged.

  2. What a charmer! I am glad to hear that his congestion is clearing. My little guys both needed tubes in their ears and I have to say that I am relieved I did it because they were so blocked that their hearing and speech was being affected. I know no one wants surgery but if all else fails, don't feel like you haven't tried because it sounds like you are :)!


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