Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's precious memories

I was out of ideas for my husband gifts this year. Thanks to my readers on facebook, gave me some ideas to me so that I can make my husband precious memories gifts for him with a little from our daughter. (Our daughter is only 20 months old.)

I did a canvas footprint with our daughter's foot print. She also painted a rock for him. (Dad rocks.) I also bought him 3 ps3 games as he mentioned that he has only 1 game so far. lol

We are going to his parents' house tonight to celebrate with the rest of his family. What about you? How's your father's day so far? Does you husband like the gifts? What did you or your kids give him? :) I love to hear from my readers.

Happy Father's day!


  1. I love the hand and foot prints that are done these days of babies/children. There are some really cute things made out of them. Hope your husband enjoyed the new ps3 games too.

  2. There is so many great gift ideas to do nowadays, especially when you have a newborn or a young one, I love the feet and hand prints, they are so adorable, I got my granddaughters hand prints, and I love that they are a lifetime keepsake!!


I love hearing from my readers. :)


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