Thursday 25 June 2015

Geek gadget for geek diet #Review #TaryanaVegtableSpiralizer

I love looking for some cool kitchen gadgets for my family. This summer I want to hook my daughter up with variety of vegetables. I am lucky to be able to review Taryana Vegetable Spiral Slicer.

After the first time using it, I already love it! I love that I can transform any type of firm vegetable such as Carrot, Radish, Cucumber, and many more into noodle strings.

 No assembly require. Ready to use right away!

The Taryana Vegetable Spiral Slicer has a super sharp Japanese blades that will make all the prep easier and faster for you. The body made from a Top Quality BPA FREE, FDA Approved, and Sturdy Materials. It comes with a Professional Cleaning Brush which I am very happy with it. It makes the cleaning way easier! There are Two size blades, one at each side can make 2 x 3 mm and 3.5 x 5 mm spirals. Not only that but it is also Dishwasher Safe. 

Comes with a Professional Cleaning Brush. The cap is also a finger protection for us to use for rotate vegetable safely.

 Very sharp blades.

Here is another picture of the cleaning brush.

Direction to Use:
1. Remove the Cap from the Slicer
2. Put the Vegetable upright in the center of the Slicer's cone and twist it in with a consistent forward force. Use finger protection piece to rotate vegetable safely
3. Keep twisting the Vegetable to produce endless spirals
4. Use the provided cap when the Vegetable gets shorter to minimize wastage

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