Saturday, 4 July 2015

Chillafish Box 31 days 31 boxes #Giveaway

Did you miss my Chillafish Box giveaway earlier? Don't worry because here's your chance to win one this time!

If you are new to Chillafish Box, it is a modular storage play system that you can configure and reconfigure in hundreds of different ways.Check out the Chillafish Box website to see more details. You can customize the colour to see the different in each box too.

Win in!
Every day in July there's a Chillafish BOX up for grabs. Please follow my link here to enter to win. This giveaway is open to USA and Canada!

Friday, 3 July 2015


This backpack in a pocket is my new favorite. It is super light (4.5 oz) and very convenient. The backpack is 43x35x12 in cm and can be fold into a small pocket with zipper. It might looks small but it can take 18-20 Litre!! It is a perfect pack for me when I go shopping or traveling.

 This is what the pocket looks like when it came.

 I just unpacked it.

I can use this pack when we travel to different country. It is small to pack in our main suitcase. When we arrive to our destination, just grab this tiny pocket out and pack everything we need for a day trip.

 Look how big it is now compare to the pocket version earlier.

The back shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps are breathable padded. There are reflections strips so that I am visible at night. At first it seems small to me and doesn't have any padding in it. I thought it might be uncomfortable plus it might rip easily. But when I have learned that it has been reinforced at pressure points to best prevent ripping, I realized that I was wrong. The buckle also cross stitched for strong strength. To make me feel even better, if it does rip, the company offer 12 months replacement guarantee.

I tried putting 3 containers of milk and juice in it. I still have lots of room left!

This pack has 2 different colours to choose from, blue and black or gray and pink. Interested to get one? Head over to Amazon by clicking on this link Backpack in a pocket. It is only $21.97.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Stay healthy with RockNRoller #review

Lately my friend talked about a foam roller for exercise that she use it with her massage therapy. I came across The Rock N Roller from Rocktape and right away I am very interested to try this product.

The Rock N Roller is a foam roller that developed by industry leading doctors and medical professionals.This system was developed to address a wide range of mobility needs. It will keep you pain free and moving efficiently. It suppose to improve mobility, promote circulation and enhance performance. It was specially designed to palpitate muscle tissue instead of compressing It, Releasing Tight Fascia, Improve Blood Flow, Relax Muscles. Do all these sound interesting to you yet?

Here is what Rock N Roller looks like.

Pick me up and shake me.

Compare to the foam roller that my friend has, Rock N Roller is way higher in technology and design. With the Fascial Fingers, it can provide flexible options for intensity of rolling. I like that it is shorter than hers. (18 Inches Long - 5.5 Inches Diamater) For me, it takes up less space to put away. There is also an Easy-open end caps that I can use for storage such as car keys, ID, balls, bands and many more. It comes with adjustable strap that connects to end caps for carrying your Rock N Roller to the gym, studio, or office.

This is what the inside looks like after I opened the cap.

Since I am still learning about this new toy, I am so happy to find poster with information about common problem areas and the most effective method of releasing muscle tightness and increasing flexibility. I am pretty sure that this is the technique that my friend uses for her massage therapy. When I tried it, I can feel my muscles untightening itself. I feel really good after that.

Last but not least, there is a small booklet, Movement Manifesto containing their revolutionary rolling theories. This contains information to educate users about foam rolling.

There is also an Expansion adapter which sold separately for you to connects two rollers for additional length if you like. I personally like it at this length. As I mentioned it takes up less space to put away.

This is all you will get when you purchase Rock N Roller.

This is the big poster that I mentioned above.

The product itself looks very cool. To be able to carry it around when I go to gym or work out makes me feel like a pro. It is very light and not very long so it is very easy to carry around. The price is not too bad. You can purchase this item on Amazon. It is only $45 plus you get a free shipping!


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