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No Baby Unhugged program with Huggies Hug Box #NoBabyUnhugged #GlobalHugYourKidDay #Giveaway

I have learned about skin-to-skin contact or Kangaroo Care for newborns since I had my first child. To me as a mom, it is such a wonderful moment. I would think that my baby would feel the same as this is the first time we got to meet each other. There are many studies on the effect of human touch are proving that hugs are vital to the healthy development of our babies.

Do you know that hugging benefits your baby in many ways? 
- More stable heart rate
- Improved Oxygen Level
- Faster Weight Gain
- Improved Sleep
- More Stable Body Temperature
- Stronger Parent/Baby Attachment
- Greater Success with Breastfeeding
- Less Crying
-Shorter Hospital Stay
- Reduced Pain
- Less illness
- Improved Memory/Problem Solving
- Better Overall Health
- More Positive Mother/Child Relationship
- Less Anxiety and Stress
- Healthier Brain Development

The Huggies brand understands how important of this first touch and have created the world's first HugPlan. This program is launched today, the July 18th, which is a Global Hug Your Kid Day! This helps all us parents outline our skin-to-skin care preferences post-birth to ensure our babies receive the hugs they need.

The launching of this program today, you can download the Hug Plan for free by visiting and clicking The Power of Hugs tab. An extension of the popular birth plan, the Hug Plan encourages moms to think about the power of hugs for her baby while she is pre-natal.

In celebration of this, I received the Huggies Hug Box which was designed specifically for expectant moms to hug their pregnant bellies! This is a limited edition design (not available in-stores). Pretty cool eh?

Enclosed in your Huggies® Hug Box you will find:
• Two packages of Huggies® Little Snugglers diapers
• Two packages of Huggies® Natural Care wipes
• One package of Huggies® Clutch ‘n Clean

You can be part of this and help embrace the Power of Hugs by sharing a photo of your little one in your belly or in your arms via Huggies will thank you for your support with a free pack of Huggies Diapers for your newborn and will donate $5 to fund more No Baby Unhugged hospital programs.

Not only that, I have a flash giveaway. One of my lucky reader will win this limited edition design Hug Box. To enter please comment to this blog post about your experiences or what have you learned about this skin-to-skin program. I will pick the winner later this afternoon today.

*********Giveaway closed now. Thanks everyone for entering. The winner is Carolanne W. Congratulations!!************************************************************


  1. I learned from the link about Baby huggers in hospitals across Canada- a program I didn't realize existed! Hopefully more facilities are able to participate as it sounds like something that is so beneficial to babies for the present and future well being!

  2. I learned that a simple hug can do so much to help babies do so much better especially if they are having a rough start to life. The Baby Hugger program sounds like a great program! (

  3. I definitely learned about skin-to-skin contact as I've had my four children. The first two, I didn't really give them the skin-to-skin contact that I did with the last two. It was so soothing for them and I wish i had known about it sooner!

  4. This is a wonderful program! I learned that hugging a baby means a more stable heart rate, improved oxygen, improved sleep and so much more.

  5. I loved my experience with skin to skin contact - I learned about it when I had my first baby. The hospital encouraged us to snuggle skin to skin often, and I found that my baby really loved to snuggle in best that way. I didn't realize there were SO many benefits though - interesting to see the ones about brain development, memory and problem solving.

  6. I learned that giving skin to skin contact is great for soothing the babies. I wish had known this when I had my children. But will be passing the information on to my children.
    Florence C

  7. I got a kick out of the box that is shaped for a mommys tummy!! Sometimes afterwards that tummy is still there!! I also love that you can take a pic and send it so they will donate money!!

  8. Skin to skin is so important. And it promotes breastfeeding which is also the best for baby. I love what the program is about! Thank you for the post and giveaway!
    austinerosa AT hotmail DOT com

  9. I never knew this program existed but I am so glad that I know about it now. I never realized how much hugging a baby can really benefit your baby. My baby boy is due in 13 days and I am going to be spending a lot of time hugging skin-to-skin. :)

  10. What a great program. I learned that hugging a baby means a more stable heart rate, improved oxygen, improved sleep and that they promote breastfeeding. andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

  11. We did skin to skin with our 3 babies and it is amazing how much they bond with you so fast. Also it helped me with depression after our 3rd child.

  12. I heard about skin-to-skin when I had my first child. I am wondering though if I give enough hugs. I didn't do skin-to-skin 3-4 times a week. I only did when I remember. It is such a great program. Thanks.

  13. I did skin to skin with my babies a day I'm so glad I did! A great bond forming skill!

  14. I was so glad I did skin to skin with my baby, it have us a great chance to bond!

  15. I learned that today is July 18th, is a Global Hug Your Kid Day and the program launces today. I did skin to skin when I had my children and was a great way to bond and so calming to baby! Really great program!

  16. i ddid skin to skin in the hospital . it was great for bonding

  17. When my son was born I held him right away for a few hours, before he was weighed or measured. It was lovely.
    nicolthepickle(at)hotmail (dot)com

  18. I wasn't able to do skin to skin with my babies, but I did get to hold my second child right after he was born. It was wonderful! Skin to skin contact should definitely be encouraged. Thinking and planning for it ahead of time is a great way to make it happen more often.

  19. Awe I love this!! with my first daughter I wasn't able to do too much skin to skin with her because we had a lot of visitors and then we found out she had to be taken to ICU where she spent a few days. I was able to go feed her every couple of hours but I was not able to hold her against me as much as I wanted to. So with my second daughter I made sure that only a couple people (parents) came to visit and that I made sure to give my daughter as much skin to skin time as possible. I enjoyed it so much! It is so important and such a great bond you get to share with your baby

  20. What a great program! It's so nice to see brands get behind science and really educate consumers. It pays of for everyone in the end! I had c-sections and it killed me having to wait just 30-60 minutes to hold my babies. I can't even imagine the torture for those who have NICU experiences. This diaper box is so cute by the way!

  21. I have learned that giving skin to skin contact is great for soothing babies. Tonnes of other benefits too like improving sleep & breathing! Incredible! Soon as my baby boy is here we'll be doing skin 2 skin :) Thank you for this opportunity.

  22. I have learned that giving skin to skin contact is great for soothing babies. Tonnes of other benefits too like improving sleep & breathing! Incredible! Soon as my baby boy is here we'll be doing skin 2 skin :) Thank you for this opportunity.

  23. My husband did skin to skin with our first when she was born. I lost a lot of blood during my surgery so I wasn't able to do it myself. I think it really helped him to bond with her. I did skin to skin with my twins. It was "somewhat terrifying" trying to hold both of them at once, but they were so much happier when I was doing it.

  24. I learned that it helps the overall health to the child. Which is so important in raising a happy healthy child!

  25. I had a emergency contact sections and my little guy was in the nicu for 2 days so I never got to do skin to skin with him. I would love to be able to do it with my first

  26. skin-to-skin (AKA Kangaroo care) is valuable to all newborns. thanks

  27. I learn how important skin to skin contact is! It help the overall health of your baby. It also help soothing baby!


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