Monday 26 November 2018

Christmas Glow at the Milner Village garden Centre in Langley #glowambassadorLangley

Last Thursday, Nov 22 was the first day Christmas Glow opened for the all new Christmas theme. I was very sad that I missed the opportunity to be there on the opening day. I already had another commitment to the fundraising events with our friends. I have seen many pictures and videos all over internet about Christmas Glow and cannot wait to be there soon!

The gifts shop is selling Christmas ornaments now. They are so pretty.

They will be opened until February 2019, so I guess these are decoration for Chinese New Year.

What I had missed on that day was a VIP invitation for two. This invitation included light catering at the VIP-only lounge. I would love to check out their VIP-only lounge. I wonder how wonderful that would be. We love everything about the Halloween theme they had back in October. I love Christmas and I can only imagine how amazing it will be at Christmas Glow.

My kids love that these beautiful princesses walking around with them. This makes them feel like they are part of a magical world.

There will be many spots we can take romantic or family pictures. 

I really want to try this Glow drink. It looks pretty cool, eh?

I can't wait to take my family there. I know for sure that my children will be super excited to be there. They will be running around, playing at the indoor playground and have fun with all the lights and swings.

Last time we were there, my kids were playing with these indoor farm animals for at least an hour.

Last but not least, it cannot complete without this guy in the red suit. :)

I would really recommended everyone to visit Christmas Glow in Langley. I was very impress with everything there. I can go back again and again many times. Awesome places for kids. We did not want to leave until they close and we have to go. You probably very interested to be there by now. Why wait? Purchase the tickets ahead of time through this link:


  1. This looks like a wonderful place to visit at holiday time. I love the Chinese displays. They are so colorful.

  2. How awesome and colourful this is! I would love to see this someday.

  3. It looks like a wonderful place! We live in Nova Scotia, so unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll ever get there.


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