Thursday 27 October 2016

Goody hair accessories and styling tools #OuchlessMoments #Review

My daughter has a beautiful curly hair. We always get compliment from everyone that her hair is beautiful. But no one knows that behind the beautiful hair, there are a lot of "ouch". I usually brush her hair after she washed her hair. I know that it is the worst time to brush because it is when your hair is weak, but I have no choice. If I don't brush her hair during that time, I wouldn't be able to do it at all and it will turn to a knot that I have to cut it off.

Luckily I was introduced to an Ouchless accessories and styling collection. There are a few different brush in this collection to help you to get through messy hair but still gentle. When we received the package, I didn't say anything to my daughter. She was just happy to see a new hair brush, specially it is in pink color. She tried it on and first thing that she said was, "Oh, it didn't hurt!"

They are available in three styles: Oval brush, Purse brush and Styler brush. This brush has FlexGlide bristles which strong enough to brush through matted and messy hair without pain. It also have cushion pad that provides more comfortable detangling. Each style available in two different colors for your daughter to choose from: purple or pink.

 My daughter's hair: before and after.
I brushed her hair without hurting her!

But not only the Ouchless brush I received, I also got the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush. I have to admitted that I have never heard about the Copper Bristles before. This bristles are specifically help to make my hair looks healthier.

Hmm...this just sounds different. How come this brush helps my hair looks better. After I studied from Goody website. I learned that the copper bristles will help massaging my scalp. It works through my hair to reduce buildup over time and restore my hair's natural moisture balance which will leave my hair looking healthier and more radiant. That just blow my mind. I tried this brush on myself. It does feel different from the Ouchless brush. It does hurt me a little bit as my hair is all tangle and wavy. 

Just for a note, this brush would gives best results when using on dry hair. And because it full with copper bristles, using with blow dryer is not recommended as the bristles can get hot.

To take care of this brush, you can clean it by dipping the bristles in a mixture of lemon juice and water. Then wipe with dry cloth.


  1. We love our Goody brushes, especially for my kiddos long hair! Always reliable (and fun when my girl gets to pick out a new Goody product!)

  2. I'm considering the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Brush as part of a xmas gift for my sister :)

  3. With a 5 year old daughter, I could really use the brush that doesn't hurt. I am intrigued by the copper bristled brush as well for myself.

  4. The Ouchless brush would be wonderful for long hair. My friend had to keep her daughter's hair cut short because the tangles hurt so much. I wish this Goodie brush had been invented then.


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