Thursday 10 December 2015

Cozy and cute with Kigurumi Owl Costume #Review #Giftguide

I have been asking my family to wear PJs for Christmas since last year but we didn't get that far. This year, I am super happy to be able to get each of us cute and fun PJs that we all can use this year. I am thinking about wearing to take photo with Santa! It will be such fun pictures and good memories.

Anyway, I have been searching a very cozy and cute PJ that I want to wear. I came across Kigurumi on Wholesale Halloween Costumes. There are so many cute or funny ones on their website. I ordered Kigurumi Owl Costume for myself. This is a jumpsuit. One size fits most adults and children who are at least five feet tall.

I received it early enough that I can use it for this Christmas. I was super happy that when I opened the box, I saw a very cute looking eyes looking back at me.

Out of the box now. The package looks very cute too.

The hoodie is an owl's head with big 3D eyes and a small yellow beak between them. How cute.

Inside with brand tag. It is super soft! The front of the suit is white with blue teardrop shaped spots. 

Yes, there is tail too!

The pant and sleeve cuffs have elastic in them so they can fit shorter limbs.

Another picture of an owl's tail.

Long sleeves that have hanging flaps for wings.

It is super soft and comfy. Not only that but it kept me warm too. The suit buttons down the front so it's easy to put on and take off. I really love it! Why don't you get one for yourself or your family! There is still time and they are having promotion for Christmas as well! Don't forget to check out their Facebook page too!


  1. You'll be a super cute owl at Christmas :-)

  2. My son is crazy about birds and would love to dress up in this!

  3. Outfits like these would be cute for a unique family picture! And it looks warm and comfortable too.


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