Thursday 18 June 2015

ISA Profesional 1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1 #review

I love Flat Iron hair straightener but I cannot find the right one that will work perfectly on my hair without damaging it. I am glad that I have got a chance to try the ISA Profesional 1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener. I think I might find a solution for my hair!

Both I and my daughter have natural curly hair. I love straight hair because I think it looks tidier than the curls we have. The only problem I have when I use it regularly is my hair getting damage.

Here's a little bit about this product:

The iron has heating plates made from 100% solid ceramic which enables salon quality hair straightening at home. Unlike metal or ceramic-coated plates, their 100% solid tourmaline ceramic plates transfers heat faster and more evenly, for perfect results each and every time while emitting negative ions to smooth and protect hair. 

The SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment changes based on your hair's thickness, texture, and styling needs. It will even change to higher when doing thick side pieces and lower when doing bangs and flyaways.

The unique shape of the ISA Professional VICTORYA Hair Straightner does more than just straighten your hair. You can also shape your hair into bouncy curls or glam waves with just the flick of your wrist. That's right! You can curls your hair too!

I was hesitate to try this product on my daughter's hair at first. I was afraid that it will damage her hair. But after I read how smart this product is, I thought I should give it a tried. She looked so lovely after I finished her hair, not to mention that her hair was smooth and soft! This product has really helped save my hair and my daughter's hair. With other irons, my hair would get dry and damage after a few time I used them.

I didn't have to wait long to be able to use the iron. The light indicator turn on when I plugged it in and turned off when the temperature is ready for me to use. I am amazed that that the smart technology will automatically adjust the right temperature to my hair by itself. Did I mention about the warranty yet? This product comes with Full 2 year warranty. Don't you love this?

Ambidextrous design. Because the buttons are centred inside of the handle it is as easy for left handed or right handed use

Using the product was very easy. This iron is a thin iron so it will work well with some of you who has short hair too. Not only that but because of the thin iron, if I would like to put on the nice looking curls, I can do it with this iron as well.

After I stratien my daughter's hair, I posted her picture on Facebook and asked my friends to see if anybody noticed what I had done to her hair. Of course, my sister-in-law got it right away! I got a lot of compliments. Many of them said she looks so beautiful and look so grown up.

Buy it!

You can purchase ISA Profesional 1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1 on Amazon at $145. (Regular price listed at $375.)


  1. What a beautiful look for a beautiful little girl, they grow up so fast!

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