Sunday 4 January 2015

Sing the Bible by Slugs & Bugs #Review #slugsandbugs

I am not good at remembering the Bible scriptures. I know that it is important but I am struggle with it. I am so glad that I got to review Sing the Bible with Slugs and Bugs new release.

The music in this album was written by Randall Goodgame and produced by Ben Shive (Brandon Heath, Jeremy Camp).

The album is family friendly and perfect for children. Every songs are awesomely well done. It helps me and my family remember Bible words because every songs use scriptures from the Bible.

“These songs were written to help families learn scripture together,” Goodgame says. “My grand hope is that these Slugs and Bugs songs will help fasten God's word to the heart of all who listen. The musicians on Sing the Bible are some of the worlds best, but they did a masterful job of keeping the focus first and foremost on lifting up Scripture." 

At first, I think it was a little weird that one of the song talk about an alien. At the end of the song it
has been clarify that it is about an alien who is in foreign country, not an alien from space.

There are 18 songs in this album. I really recommended this album for your children. It is a perfect tool to help you and your children to remember the Bible words easily.  

Buy it!
Interested to buy this awesome CD? Follow the link to Sing the Bible CD - Slugs and Bugs.  There are samples that you can listen before you buy on this page. You can download it for only $10. There are many packages offer on the website that will give you a better deal too.

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