Friday 5 December 2014

Gift guide: Say Goodbye to Paper with Boogie board LCD eWriters #Review #GiftGuide

Our house is overrun with paper and documents,  due to our move last year and renovating this year, we have a lot of paper that we have to try to get rid of. It surprises me that I can fill a few boxes full with paper and documents that we don't need. This make me think about how many trees are in our house, and having two kids makes the demand for paper all the more. So what can I do about this?

Boogie board LCD eWriters can help us save our trees. How?
Boogie board is a paper replacement. They utilize a reflective, pressure-sensitive, plastic liquid crystal display (LCD). You can write on it with a Stylus, fingernail or other instrument. With Boogie board, I need no more memo pad. Instead of having scrap paper everywhere for my daughter so that she can draw her pictures, Boogie board is is a perfect replacement for it.

I got the original Boogie Board 8.5 eWriter to review. It is super light (only 4oz!) and super thin (1/8").


It comes with a stylus, user guide, clip-on stylus holder and self-adhesive magnets. This Boogie Board runs by a Non-replaceable 3V watch battery.

It is very easy to use. I can use it as a memo or use it as a drawing pad for my daughter. When I want to erase what I wrote, I just have to press the button on the top as you can see in my Youtube VDO. It should last approximately 50,000 times. This version cannot connect to your computer. It works as a memo pad and is not for stuff you want to keep. Self-adhesive magnets also make it easy to use as a memo on the fridge.

There are two accessories you can also purchase with this Boogie Board. accessories. A Neoprene Sleeve to protect your Boogie Board from unwanted screen marks which I recommend. Since it is so thin and the screen is LCD, the Neoprene Sleeve is the best way to make sure that it is protected. The other  accessory is a Message Center that can be attached to almost any flat surface, slide tablet into place for use, remove tablet to take it on the go. The Message Center includes reversible cork/metallic insert.

Neoprene Sleeve

Message Center

It is crazy to think just how much paper one person can consume. With the Boogie Board, if we erase 20 times a day or 50 thousand total erase cycles, this would equal to 13 years of use. This means, one Boogie Board is 15 times cheaper than paper! Check out more information on Boogie Board Website.

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