Wednesday 17 December 2014

Gift Guide: lost my name book #Review #GiftGuide

Growing up my dad loved to read. This is something that I have grown to love as well. Now that I am a mom, I would like to pass this along to my kids as well. I started to read to my kids since they were young. Our book collections have grown even more since we have had kids. My husband had just built some book shelves in our office so that we can put our books away for easy availability. I always wished to have a library room in our house!

One of our favorite books that we got my son this year is "Lost my name". Lost my name is a personalized book for children between the ages of 2 to 6. Even though my son is only 9 months old, I truly believe he will grow to love it. This book will even help my son to remember how to spell his name! This book is full of colorful pictures and is very easy to read. Even though this book was personalized for my son, my daughter enjoys reading it with him.

This book came in a nice cute cardboard package.

Also comes with a reading guide.

Included with the book, there are 2 15% discount coupon codes. Again, the cards are super cute.

When you order the book, after you key in the name and choose a child gender, you can flip through the whole book and preview it. I knew exactly what Elias' book would look like, but I still couldn't wait to receive it. You also can customize a dedication on the first page of your book for your child. (Of course it's free!)This book can also be printed in German, Spanish and French.

The dedication.

The story starts with a child waking up and losing his/her name. Then he/she has to go find it. Each page the character will meet different creatures that will give a child a letter. Once you put all the letters together, it will be your child's name. The story is also done in a rhyme.

On top of this awesome story, Lost my name comes with free shipping worldwide! This will make a great gift for your child, not only for Christmas but it will be a perfect gift for birthday's too.

About Lost my name:

Buy it!

You can order this cute creative personalize book directly from Lost my name website for $34.99. As I mentioned earlier, it is free shipping worldwide.


  1. Reading to your children is so important. Mine learned to read early and it really made a difference for them.

  2. Such a great gift idea....hoping to get one for my girl's birthday! My girl adores her books!

  3. I always read to my children at bedtime and encouraged them to read themselves. I'm an avid reader myself and I believe that it's entertaining but also opens up a whole new world where you constantly learn new things.


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