Wednesday 19 November 2014

Down Syndrome muttering: Starting solid with Elias #DownSyndrome

Down Syndrome baby
I was scared to start solid food with Elias. I have heard many parents told me that he can choke because of his muscle tone, plus he cannot sit yet. So I waited until he is 7 months old.

His first meal, I tried banana because that was what we had. After that I introduced him pears. I had been giving him only those 2 fruits for not long then it started.

Elias was in such a big trouble when he wants to do number 2. He was in pain and cried every time. His dietician recommended me to give him some prune juice about a tbs or 2 which I did but it didn't work. He was still in such a great pain.

One of my friend who has a 2 years old DS boy recommended me to try NutraCleanse. I haven't had a chance to get it yet.

My sister-in-law babysat him last week and gave him a whole jar of prune baby food. I didn't expect him to be able to eat that much but it WORKED! It was such a relief.

I talked to his pediatrician. She recommended me to try giving him different type of food. I have to try to find what works what is not with him. We want to hold back any type of medicine as much as we can. I will definitely use prune. It only thing that I am worrying is he has to eat quite a bit to be able to go. That means, I cannot give him anything else to eat.

So far, I found that if he has 1 jar a day, it seems to be ok. The other 2 meals, I can try to give him something else.

I hope this will fade away and he will be able to go easily. I know that constipated can be part of being a Down Syndrome symptom. Hopefully he won't have it forever.

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  1. WE are bless with kids that don't have any medical issues and our kids never were never bother too much when it came to number 2. I never knew it was a problem that DS kids struggled with. :(


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