Monday 27 October 2014

Home for the Holidays Giveaway Free Blogger opp

Host: Michigan Savings and More 

Get two free links (Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram only) for posting the bloggers opp, if you do not want to post you can send $3 to the below PayPal address for the two links.

Dates are still being determined. Hopefully Oct. 30 - Nov. 30.

Sign ups end: Oct. 29

Sponsors that have confirmed:
The Gathering of Friends cookbooks
Identify Safe Wallets
D Stulls Creations - Etsy Shop
Faucet Face
Colortime Crafts and Markers
PC SpeedBoostColortime Crafts and Markers
Colors and More Colors - Etsy Shop
Zim's Advanced
Smile Brillant
VinylDezignz - Etsy Shop

There are still several more just waiting on confirmation.

Right now still planning on one winner, but if prizes add up enough or we get offered more than one of anything it will be changed. Also willing to trade prizes for co-host spots! Also, if you know of companies that want to be involved please let me know at las930 at charter dot net.

The site/person signing up the most bloggers get a free co-host spot, must sign up a minimum of three to win, free promoters do count! If already paid will return money day contest starts.

Co-Host spots are available for $7 for 4 links ( of your choice, excluding G+) plus the two free, non co-host links, so a total of six links. Also, if a extra like or follow page is available you will receive them as well depending upon the number of co-hosts that join.

All co-hosts receive at minimum of one secret word, likes or follow, etc pages. Co-host payment must be made via PayPal only, with the word “Home” placed in the PayPal comment section. Please submit your payment to this email:

It is the host understanding that if a giveaway is live before the 11/5 deadline, we can continue the way it is. I will be giving you an alternate space so she can change facebook links, if this is not true.

You must agree to promote this giveaway a minimum of four times a week on Twitter, and another Social Media site of your choice. You must also agree to post this giveaway on the time and date shown below.

This giveaway will be valid in the Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter.

Would like to use #HFTH1114 for tweets.
Also, if you include handle @las930.
The host will try at least three times a day to retweet your tweets. Probably in the middle of the night, but whenever she can she will retweet.

Please make sure you enter the correct links on the sign-up form.
Make sure they are working and no issues. Also, please make sure you sign-up only once.

Thanks and any questions please email at las930 at charter dot net


Please, say Learn to be a Mom referred you.

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