Wednesday 24 September 2014

Elias after 2 months of his heart surgery #DownSyndrome

It has been about 2 months since Elias' surgery. He is getting stronger and stronger every week. We have been visited by physio therapist  every 2 weeks. Every time she came to visit, she will see that Elias is improving a lot.

Even though he is 6 months right now, but his development is at about 3 months old baby. About 2 -3 weeks after the surgery, Elias started to lift up his head while he is on his tummy. We were super excited to see that, a lot of cheers and noises for him.

The next 2 weeks, he can lift up his head even higher and longer. And right now, every time I put him on his tummy, he will just lift up his head to look around. This is amazing!

Because if the surgery, we can't pick him up under his arms. It is very difficult and awkward to pick him up. Just this last week, I still have to scoop him up but I can tell, he is stronger. It is easier to pick him up even though, I still have to scoop him.

We are trying to teach him to sit at this moment. I usually will put him in front of me and have toys in front of him. Our physio therapist recommended us to try to put both of his hands on his legs and press on them so that he might learn that he can rest and use his arms to help him to sit. Just yesterday, I think he can do it for a few second now! Woohooo!! Today, I tried again and I think he can sit by himself a bit longer than yesterday. His balance still not really good though. He swing to the left and right when he is sitting. ha ha ha.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that he is doing well after his surgery. Thank you for sharing your story!


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