Tuesday 22 July 2014

Down Syndrome muttering #Down Syndrome

In the first month after Elias was born. I was hard for me to try to go out.
Not just because he has Down Syndrome but also because of shopping with
a new born baby and a toddler right after you gave birth to a baby is still
quite an adjustment.

A lot of people when they see Elias, they will just ask "How old is the baby?",
"Oh, he is so tiny.", "Oh, he is so cute." I found these comments made me feel
better from the fact that he has Down Syndrome. On the other hand, I often
ask myself too that "Do they know that he has Down Syndrome?", "Did they just make those comments just to make me feel better? but honestly they didn't think that he is cute?", 
"Is he really cute?"
"Don't they see the look of Down Syndrome in him?"

There was one time, when I went to the store, Elias was in the car seat and I have a big car seat
cover because it was raining out side. When I came in, I forgot to unzip the cover. (But there is
a big opening on top of the car seat.) There came a lady, asked me if there is a baby inside.
I was expected to hear the common comment from her like, "Awww....cute baby".
But instead, she just  looked at me like I am a horrible mother, and told me to unzip it because he might not be able to breath. Seriously, that car seat cover was designed for a baby and there is enough air flow for him.
Then she left and I kept walking but started to cry. I probably wouldn't feel this bad if he doesn't
have Down Syndrome. It was like a double slap on my face. It might sounds silly but I was (and maybe still emotionally very sensitive.)

Until to day, Elias is almost 4 months old. My grieve still comes and goes but I think I can handle
it better. I discovered the way to use Down Syndrome card to get away from someone that I don't want to talk to.
After our kids were born, we got many phone calls from private company about
RESP for our children. When it comes to Elias, I just have to tell them that he has Down Syndrome.
That's it. From my experience, all of them just don't know what to do after I told them that.
They just say sorry and walked away or hung up the phone quick.

 I can cope with Elias and his Down Syndrome better than day one. By telling people that he has Down Syndrome doesn't hurt me as much as before.
In fact, I am excited to see what his future will be like!


  1. I love that picture of Elias sleeping - so peaceful. Thanks for sharing both the pictures and your feelings.

    1. Awww...thank you for reading. I love that picture too.

  2. Your little guy is absolutely adorable! Yes, he has Trisomy 21, but he is still a gorgeous baby and I can guarantee from your photos most people are thinking that as well!

  3. He's so cute.
    I can tell from your writing that it's hard for you. God knows everything, and he gave you a special baby for a reason.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging Nicolthe. Please pray for us as we will go to children hospital next Wednesday for his heart surgery.

  4. Aww, Elias is a beautiful baby! My grandson, who is almost 6 now, is a special needs child, and you wouldn't believe some of the rude comments people make. I just don't get it, how some people can be so insensitive!

  5. I work at a University, and some of the nicest students are the ones we have with Down's Syndrome, and we have quite a few! They love coming to school. =)

    1. Awww...thank you. That is really encouraging. :)


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