Saturday 21 September 2013

Lean Cuisine Minceur fresh inspirations review

I recieved the free coupon to try this product as a part of the Product Review Club. Thank you very much. I love trying new products!

I selected the shrimp alfredo. I heated it up follow by the instruction on the box. I did not pierce film followed by the instruction but before the 3 minutes was up, the plastic film popped in the microwave. There was no explosion though.

For the taste, I think it was a bit bland but the shrimp were really tasty and they are big! Compare to other frozen meals that I have tried, I never seen any brand has shrimp this big before.

When the cooking part complete, the food was evenly cooked not too hot not too cold, just right temperature.

I like that it gives me choices to choose as much sauce as I like to mix it or I can just keep it separate.
I probably buy this product again. I think it is good to have to at home when you want to eat something quick and just the right amount.

Thank you very much for this opportunity. :)

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