Monday 9 July 2012


Do you love Gift cards? I love Gift cards. It makes choosing the gifts easier and the person who you plan to get the gift for will get exactly what they want. 

I love hunting for a deal. Usually when you buy a gift card, you don’t get any discount. I was dreaming about getting a deal or something extra that you can get more than you pay.

Then I heard about CardSwap. You can buy and get a discount on the gift cards you want to buy or collect points to get gift card for free! CardSwap offer free shipping and no fee for buying or selling on their site! This is it!

CardSwap is Canada's #1 site to buy gift cards and sell gift cards. 

All transactions are 100% guaranteed! 

CardSwap is the trusted Canadian marketplace that makes exchanging gift cards easy and secure.
You can buy gift cards and earn up to 35% cash back or easy way to say, you get a discount buying the gift cards. Or you can sell the unused gift cards for up to 92% of the face value in cash.

As Canada's #1 gift card exchange, CardSwap have created Canada's largest and fastest growing market place for gift cards where you can buy discounted gift cards, sell gift cards, or donate gift cards to charity. Plus the charity that you donate to, will provide a tax receipt for all gift cards that are donated. Isn't that awesome?

You also can create wish list to let CardSwap know your favourite retailers and they will let you know when a discounted gift card becomes available in Canadian dollars.

To sell the unwanted gift card, very easy. Head to the sell page on CardSwap's website and follow the very clear and easy instructions.

1. Enter the details of your gift card. You can pick what store your gift card is for and how much is on the card.CardSwap will provide you with an offer for up to 92% cash back. 

2. Mail your gift cards with the FREE prepaid shipping label. Receive an email confirmation upon receipt of your gift card. 

3. Get paid by 2 different options to choose.

First option : You get cash! CardSwap will mail you a cheque or credit your account with SwapPoints within two business days of receiving and validating your gift cards.

Second option : You get SwapPoints. What are SwapPoints? SwapPoints is a credit on You can redeem your SwapPoints for free gift cards. For every 1000 SwapPoints, it equal $10 towards gift cards.

For more information on CardSwap, visit

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