Friday 3 July 2015


This backpack in a pocket is my new favorite. It is super light (4.5 oz) and very convenient. The backpack is 43x35x12 in cm and can be fold into a small pocket with zipper. It might looks small but it can take 18-20 Litre!! It is a perfect pack for me when I go shopping or traveling.

 This is what the pocket looks like when it came.

 I just unpacked it.

I can use this pack when we travel to different country. It is small to pack in our main suitcase. When we arrive to our destination, just grab this tiny pocket out and pack everything we need for a day trip.

 Look how big it is now compare to the pocket version earlier.

The back shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps are breathable padded. There are reflections strips so that I am visible at night. At first it seems small to me and doesn't have any padding in it. I thought it might be uncomfortable plus it might rip easily. But when I have learned that it has been reinforced at pressure points to best prevent ripping, I realized that I was wrong. The buckle also cross stitched for strong strength. To make me feel even better, if it does rip, the company offer 12 months replacement guarantee.

I tried putting 3 containers of milk and juice in it. I still have lots of room left!

This pack has 2 different colours to choose from, blue and black or gray and pink. Interested to get one? Head over to Amazon by clicking on this link Backpack in a pocket. It is only $21.97.


  1. This looks really handy for camping and shopping! I really think this is a great product!

  2. wow this would be amazing for camping is right , i would love this for our hikes around the campground , thanks for sharing (Treen Goodwin )


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