Sunday, 10 February 2013

3rd and 4th week in Thailand 2013 part 2

Continue from the first part, we were heading to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai. We stopped at the hot spring so my mom can rest her legs in the pool. After the walked from Thursday, her knees were swollen again. The view from the driving today were really beautiful. Lots of mountains. We bought some bananas for 5 - 10 baht. We got about 20 to 45 bananas. After this trip, we don't want to eat bananas for a while. Really cheap!

We arrived in the evening (again). Even though it's not as far as from Pathumthani to Chiang Mai but the routes are way more difficult to drive. Can't really go that fast. We stayed with our friends and on the next day we went to visit their work place. Around the area, has fish ponds as well. But no, we would like to fish in Mae Khong river! My husband was hoping that he could catch the giant cat fish. lol

Sunday, we went to church in the area. It was very cool to see local church runs by local people. Monday we drove to Mae Sai the far north of Thailand and the border between Thailand and Burma. We arrived in the afternoon after a long shopping walk, we think we need more time to shop because it is very big market and my husband wants to go to Burma. So we decided to stay one night there.

On the next morning, we had to go to Aumpher to get some paper work done so we can go to Burma. For us, Thai, we pay 30 baht to get the paper work done. Then pay another 10 baht at the border for Burma side. But my husband has to pay 100 baht to the Thai government and pay another 500 to the Burma side. 
Everything is so expensive for me to pay compare to what Thai people pay. 

We found that the market on both sides have pretty much the same stuffs. Toys are really expensive there compare to the price in Bangkok. Silver are a little cheaper on Burma side. Some snacks are cheaper on Burma side. So if you really don't want to buy a lot of stuffs, it might not worth to pay 600 baht ($20) to go cross the border. Unless, you want to tell people that we went to Burma.

On Wednesday, we went fishing in Mae Khong river but we couldn't catch any so we moved to the fishing pond instead. lol We started to use the fishing net but it is not really easy to use if you don't know how. We ended up catching only 3 little cat fish. Oh, well.

Thursday, we started heading back. It's close to Chinese new year and we were afraid of the traffic. We took my mom on the elephant ride and another hot spring in Chiang Rai. It was after 6 pm on that day so we ended up stay one more night in Chiang Rai.

We checked out around 9 am in the morning, quite a bit late for the long trip back home. But yet, we stopped at one temple. The temple was renovated into white color, very beautiful. We left the temple around 12 pm and drove back home around 11 pm on that day! So tired!

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