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New Viva HotPants are brighter and better! - Lose Weight 4X Faster (Review & Giveaway) Worldwide

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New Viva Hot Pants are brighter and better!

Zaggora is the women's sport wear company. Viva Hot Pants are the new products from them. There are five, new and bright colour leggings with contrasting seams ending just below the knee. Viva's new cut have a curved seam construction that is narrower at the back, widens around the bottom and then narrows in on the thighs to accentuate the body shape, slim the thighs and create a flattering silhouette.

 I got a pair of the New Viva, Hot Pants for review purpose. They look amazing! New Viva pants are really comfortable. It takes a little work to put on, but once they are on, they are really easy to move around in.

I love the bright colors they have. They are so much FUN to wear! Blue is my favorite color. I went for a walk with them on and they felt great! I have to say, "wow, did I sweat a lot", but felt really good after my walk. Because of the colors I feel these Hot pants are the coolest looking pants ever and they help me loose unwanted inches fast! I heard recently that even star Denise Richards was also wearing a bright blue pair in LA.

They do have a size chart to help you figure out what size you would need if you are interested in buying a pair. These HotPants retail for CAD is $70.99. Not bad for a great quality product. I would definitely recommend them!

Wonder how it works? Here are details.


Women lose weight 4x faster with HotPants!
Specially designed with Celu-Lite technology fabric lining, HotPants™ enhance your natural body temperature to warm you up in the areas you want to target most (thighs, bum, and legs).


HotPants increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. HotPants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%.


In 30 minutes of exercise, weight loss is around 4x greater in HotPants than in a standard garment. On average, subjects lost 1.13% of body mass in HotPants compared to 0.27% in the control garment.


HotPants increase the core body temperature by an average of 18% more than the control garment, which leads to an increase in metabolism. Tested on 9 women with an average BMI of 23.3. All test subjects performed 30 minutes of exercise in HotPants as well as in a standard control garment.

Tested at the Chelsea School at Brighton University, HotPants™ are proven to use your body heat to increase energy expenditure before and after exercise by raising your core body temperature by up to 18%. Since you’re heating up and your body is using more energy, you are burning more calories; calorie burn increases by 26% in the hour after exercise with HotPants™ too.  As we all know, as you burn calories, you lose weight.
The lab tests also demonstrated that in just 30 minutes of exercise, women lost 4x more weight with HotPants™ than they did when doing the same exercise in standard workout clothes.


Three (3) lucky winners are going to win a pair of HotPants from Zaggora.  The giveaway is open Worldwide.
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  1. I love that Zaggorra hotpants increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. HotPants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%*.

  2. It would be a godsend to win a pair! Especially based on the reveiw!
    If these are as great & more comfortable than control top! I have many friends who would go nuts when I tell them as comfort has become a big thing as well.
    So my winning could possibly be added SALES!
    Thank you for the wonderful offer.

  3. I love the colours of the viva hotpants!

  4. tested on only 9 women?

    1. They are having 2 weeks campaign weigh loss right now and a lot of people are trying this products. :)

  5. I love the colors! It would be interesting to try these!

  6. I like that they have different styles and colours.

  7. I really love all the variety they offer

  8. I like that I can burn extra calories during my workout while wearing them.


  9. I love that they would help burn extra calories during my workout.

  10. I would love to win a pair of Vivas. I have been trying really hard to loose two pants size and judging by the reviews, I know these would be a major help. They would be a great addition to my fitness workout.

  11. I like that you can burn extra calories and the fun colors!

  12. You lose weight 4 x faster by wearing them??!!

  13. I have been wanting a pair of these for a while but haven't had the disposable funds! I would love to burn the extra calories in my most problematic area during/after workout!

  14. I love the fact that hotpants increase one's metabolism. Thanks for the great giveaway! :D

  15. would love to win a pair

  16. I like that they can help with weight loss. The colors are great too :)

  17. I love the idea that in 30 minutes of exercise, weight loss is around 4x greater in HotPants than in a standard garment.

  18. I like that it helps lose weight 4x faster

    theresa j

  19. I love the bright, fun colours! My family is going to Kauai in four months so a little extra help in the weight loss department would be a blessing!
    sctich at gmail dot com

  20. i like the fact that the hotpans are light and flexable

  21. I like that I can burn extra calories from my workout and that they are comfortable.

    tinalee351 at gmail dot com

  22. i like that you can work out in 30 minutes and women lost 4x more weight with HotPants awseome i like the colours as well

  23. I love these hot pants sooo much.

  24. That you can loose lbs just by wearing them.

  25. These pants sound like a miracle, I'm skeptical that they can work as well as proclaimed. There are so many products out there trying to sell themselves by trying to convince us that they help you lose weight/inches, it's a huge multi-million dollar sector of the economy.


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