Friday, 8 February 2013

3rd and 4th week in Thailand 2013 part 1

I haven't have much chance to get to update my blog this last few weeks since we were travelling a lot. But I have a lot of fun stories and experiences through out these weeks.

The 3rd week since we arrived in Thailand, we drove to the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. During this time of the year, the north of Thailand has cooler temperature so it is really comfortable to sleep during the night. During the day time still hot as usual.

We drove to Chiang Mai from Pathumthani on Monday. Took us about the whole day with our 16 months old baby. (about 800-900 kms.) We stopped along the road and bought some fishing net and fishing trap, hoping that we can do some fishing while we are in the north. Both of them cost us about $10 each. Not too bad, eh?

Each provinces that we entered, along the road there are many stands selling the products from their province. Some areas have a really good price, seriously. Some areas are really expensive. I mean, double the price of the cheaper area.

On the way to Chiang Mai, just about 50 kms before Chiang Mai, there are many stands selling beautiful carving rocks. I would like to get some, but didn't want to carry them for 2 weeks. So I didn't buy any, hoping that we could buy on the way back. Didn't know that we will not use this road on the way back because we will come back from Chiang Rai instead. Yep, I missed this. They have really good price. So if you drove pass, just buy it.

We arrived on Monday evening quite late. But on the next morning we offed to the waterfall. This waterfall has lime stones all over the area. You can walk on the rock and don't have to worry about slipping off. Very beautiful! Just a little far from Chiang Mai city though, about 100 kms.

We heard that we could get 60 baht ($2) Thai massage per hour here in the north but we found it's not really close to where we stay so we just went to the one closer, 130 baht per hour. Each of us for about 2 hours but we have to take turn babysit Summer so we ended up spent the whole day for massage.

Thursday we went to Ratcha prug garden and went to the silver market. The garden was under construction in some parts. Foreigner has to pay 100 baht to go in (about $3) but 50 baht for Thai.

We heard that silver in Chiang Mai has good quality. But we feel they are a little expensive.

Friday, we said good bye to Chiang Mai and headed to Chiang Rai...

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