Thursday 4 August 2016

Habibi’s yummy Mediterranean Foods #Review

I always search for some new all-natural healthy food for my family. Lately I was introduced to a Vancouver-born Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods. These products are all-natural and authentic fresh foods with great tasting and yet healthy!!

Habibi is an Aramaic and Arabic word whose literal meaning is my beloved, friend or darling.

I was lucky to try Habibi’s hummuses; Basil and Garlic and Lebanese style. They are super tasty. I have tried some other brands before and found that many of them are too salty for me. The Habibi's hummus are not though. That is extra point for me.

Not just only the 2 hummuses that I tried. They have many more dips and hummuses for us to choose from. I just wish the store close by our house has more selection. These included seven flavours such as Baba Ganoush, Smoked Eggplant Dip, Tsatziki, and Tahini. Hmmm....sounds very tasty!

Food lovers can now enjoy two new products: Mediterranean Black Bean Dip, and Lebanese Garlic Sauce, Spread and Marinade, not yet found in the market. Habibi’s plans to introduce two new flavours, Chocolate Tahini and Labneh this summer. Habibi’s does not use canned chickpeas for their hummuses. They source the ingredients from a local farm and cook them themselves. They are also the exclusive supplier of sauces for the Donair Dude restaurant chain, and are looking to supply to other local franchises.
I love that all the ingredients are not from cans but fresh from local farm. Check out these ingredients. They look great to me!

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  1. oooh I'd love to try this brand!

  2. ...very curious about the basil & garlic flavor!

  3. the new Mediterranean Black Bean Dip sounds really tasty!

  4. they also make Baba that!

  5. I love hummus. Such a healthy snack with some veggies, and one of the only ways I eat enough veggies! I will have to look for this one, next time I am shopping for it.

  6. I love what the name Habibi means, what a great word to use for a company! My son loves to take hummus and veggies to school, will have to look for these!

  7. Habibi looks like a great Canadian product. I like that there are so many varieties.


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