Sunday 25 October 2015

What to bring when you go on Disney cruise

We have been on the Disney cruise for 3 times now. I started to learn many tips to get us to feel the most comfortable when we are on the cruise. Here are some items ideas that you should bring with you.

1. Water bottle - We bring empty water bottle with us. The first time we were on the cruise, we thought we have to buy water since one of the staffs told us that there will be no water to drink. We bring water bottles with us and fill it with some drink on the top deck. This helps us save some money. There are water bottles for sell on the cruise as well if you don't want to bring water bottle. It will be deliver right to your room!

2. Bring a book (or anything!) for characters to sign. This year our daughter will be old enough to understand everything. We bought a princess book from dollar store for her so that she can get the characters to sign for her. You can buy a book on the cruise or Disney store but there are more expensive. Depends on what would you like. If you want a real Disney book for memory, you can get it on board.

- Since August 2015, we cannot drop off book or pillow case at the reception for character to sign anymore. But we still can bring it with us when we go for characters meeting.

3. Camera - Of course, cannot forget this. Don't forget to bring your camera battery charger with you!

4. Phone charger - We don't usually use it but we use it to take pictures. And once we dock, we find some free wifi and upload some pictures on Facebook to make our friends jealous.

5. Swimming outfit - There is a pool on the top deck. Cannot miss this! Some people bring more than one set just because it doesn't dry fast enough. We didn't have that problem though.

6. Bring laundry detergent. For a longer cruise, we don't bring a lot of clothes. There are laundry area that we can do our laundry. No need to bring change since we have to use our key to the world card and it will charge directly to our account. You also can buy laundry detergent at the laundry station as well. I think it is $1 for detergent. Also cost $1 to use the washing machine and another $1 to use dryer. Not too bad eh?

7. Extra bags or suitcase? Are you doing any Fish extender gift exchange? Depends on how many groups are you in. We were in 1 and a half group and we need extra suitcase.

8. Small bags come in handy when you are out at the port. Small backpack also comes in handy.

If you have any other ideas to add to my list, please feel free to comment below.


  1. A Disney Cruise would be amazing!

  2. I would so love to take the kids on a Disney cruise!!! One can dream :)

  3. One day we'll be on a cruise.....very helpful information!

  4. Ive always wanted to do a disney cruise ! These are great tips !


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