Tuesday 23 December 2014

Save money with Perfect Threads #Review

I have been told that children grow so fast and they are, specially in the early years. There are many times when I cleaned up their dressers and found many clothes I never put on them. Some of them, they used only a few times and don't fit anymore. Many of them are in good condition still.

I found that buying new clothes can be expensive. Since they grow so fast, I have to put extra budget for their clothes to keep up with their growth spurt and wish that I can reuse these clothes.

Perfect Threads came up with the idea to sell these "like-new" and "new" children's clothing in sizes "newborn" to size "14" and "new" and "like-new" Women's clothing at 80% off retail. Their goal is to maximize the re-use of every piece of clothing and keep clothes out of our landfills and to re-use or extend their life for as long as possible. Each of the items on their site has star rate that determine its quality.

I ordered 4 different pairs of shoes for both of my kids. Each pair was in separate plastic bag inside the shipping bag. I got the package within 1 week since I put the order in.

To search through the website was easy. Each items are separate into different category such as tops, pants, onesies, etc. This make it easy to search for the items that I am looking for for my kids.

To be honest, I wasn't sure about the quality at first. Buying second handed online feels like taking a risk, I cannot try them on, what if the pictures didn't show dirty spot or broken part. Turn out, each of the items I got are in great condition as the star rated on their website. They look just like new!

One thing I would like to suggest about their website is to add a size chart on their website. I had a hard time trying to find shoes size that fits my daughter. There are a few different standards for shoes size. I got confuse and ended up ordered a wrong size for her.

There is another interesting part that caught my attention. There is a section for Lego products. The conditions are rated at 5 star (new). Some of them are vintage and rare.

If you are in Greater Toronto Area, there is an option for you to fund-raising for your project. Perfect Threads has a Group Fund-Raising Program that will help your life easier. You just have to let them know what you are raising money for, how much you are looking to raise and the date that you need to raise the funds by. They will create a custom fund-raising campaign for you and coordinate with you to make it happen.

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  1. Perfect Threads sound like a great company. I like that they have a rating for the quality of the clothing - that would help a lot when deciding if an item will be suitable.


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