Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New #Grandiose make my eyes lovely #review

I am a big fan of Lancome. I am super excited when I got confirmation that I am one of the very first to layer my eyes on the most awaited mascara from Lancome, #Grandiose.

The New Mascara Grandiose has swan neck wand which help to apply mascara on every lashes, root to tip, corner to corner. It has Elastomer brush which make high grasping, precise application. Last but not least, the mascara has Innovative formula that gives ultra black pigments, Longwear flexible polymer for 24 hours and this is the part I love most, NO Flaking!

I really love the package. It looks very funky. I love the Swan Neck Wand, makes it different from the others. I love the smell of the mascara. It smell really good as usual. Oh, I just love everything about Lancome.

I tried it on my one eye so that we can see the different.

It does really make a different. My eye definitely looks prettier than the other one. I always forget and rub my eyes when I have my make up on. I did it again after I tried it on today. What amaze me is, it didn't come out or make my eyes messy. It looks the same! I put it on in the morning and had a shower at 10 pm. During the day, my eyes still looks great! Even thought it last long, to clean is very easy. I tried to wash with my facial wash and it came off easily. I has experience using mascara that guarantee the long lasting but to take it off was difficult too. (Not with Grandiose!)

Over all, I am super happy with new Grandiose Lancome. With the high technology and design, my eyes look pretty just in a second, last long and easy to clean off.

Disclosure:"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


  1. I love Lancome products. Their mascaras are wonderful, so much better quality than the drugstore kinds!

  2. That's such a unique wand! I definitely need to try this out!


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