Thursday 23 May 2013

May long weekend annual campout

 "We are going away this weekend. Hiking, camping and eating camping food. Not really sure if we are coming back home sick or not. Hopefully our 19 months old will have a blast!"

That is what I wrote before we left last week.

Every May long weekend, our family goes camping as a traditional with our friends. This time, there were our family, 5 friends and a dog.

Usually, we go to the beach that close to French beach on Victoria Island. But this year, we changed the plan. We searched internet, Google map and found a new place close to Tofino. My husband's friend went to scout the area for us a few weeks before. He said it was awesome.

He told us that it will be about 30 minutes walk in and another 20 minutes down the ravine. The walking part doesn't scare us but the ravine part made me hesitate at first. We have a 19 months old that still can't help herself yet.

But here we are!

Knowing us, we want to try. So we all went. It was raining when we arrived. I was hoping that the weather would be nicer. My husband decided to use the stroller to help us carry our daughter and some of our stuffs. This is not usual for us to use a stroller. lol

We started hiking in. It was already rough but it didn't feel like 30 minutes as our friends mentioned. Next was the ravine, that we have to hike down. This wasn't easy. We could not find the trail. Our friend, Jon, thought there are more trees on the ground compare to a few weeks ago when he came.

We got to the camp site before dark. Thanks goodness that it doesn't get dark too early. The camp site was really beautiful, worth the trip.

We saw the "poop" aka scat but no bear! 
(not necessarily a bad thing, but from the vehicle would have been good!)

We had awesome weather on Sunday. It was nice and sunny. The tide went out. We got the whole beach to ourselves. Our daughter had so much fun on the beach. We heated up our food and ate there.

Oh, there are 3 recipes that I posted last week, Blueberry Scones , Cream Cheese cookies, and Filled cookies. I actually used all of them to plan our food for this trip. Man! They are heavy! Don't pack those for your backpacking trip. (They are good recipes though. Our friends love them!)

These are better and easier. One package come with main, desert and drink! Only $5.00 per package. It's light and easy!

We found a garden snake on the way back. Our daughter really interested in him.

On the way back to the ferry, we were the last second car that made to the ferry! We were so thankful for that. Even though we have to miss our Dairy Queen ice cream because of the rush to the ferry. :(

More about this trip, I got a new sleeping bag, The North Face Cat's Meow Sleeping Bag and new Thermarest that I will write another post to review them.

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