Thursday 13 September 2012

Disney Wonder, we don't want to leave you

This year, many of our friends spent their holiday on the cruise to Alaska. After listened to them and saw a bunch of pictures on their facebook page, I told my husband that we are going on the cruise to Alaska this year.

We started searching through many websites. Then we agreed that we are going to spend our holiday on Disney cruise line. Mainly because our daughter is almost a year old. If she make so much noise, they can't complain because this is Disney cruise. It has to has a lot of children on this ship. If you don't like many children, then they might picked the wrong one.

2 months past, here comes our departure day. We started to get really excited. We never went on the cruise before. We don't know what to expect. Every body said, you will eat all day long. That's about it.

My in law dropped us at Seattle port. Our ship's name is Disney Wonder. And it looks wonderful. It is huge!

When we parked, our suitcases got carried away and delivered to our room on board. We just walked and checked in.

When we stepped on the ship, they asked our last name and once we are inside, they annouced to welcome us! Made us feel so special.

Our room was on 6th floor.

 Every night we will have a towel animal, chocolate and schedule on board for the next day on our bed.

After we saw our room, we went on the tour to get to know the way around. Yep, it's so easy to get lost. Did I tell you yet that it's huge!

 One of the restaurant

 On the deck

 Swimming pool on the deck.

 This is on the back of Disney Wonder

 Captain Hook and his friend are walking around the ship.
The openning show started before the ship leave the dock. There were many Disney characters on the show. Before we know it, we were in the middle of the sea!

There are so many activities on board. Kids can go around and have so much fun but yet in the safe environment. I love this. Everybody in the family can enjoy the holiday! They also have nursery available for only $5.00 per hour.

The shows that we saw on board were just like Broadway.

 One of the comedian show on board. He is very funny.

Every characters are awesome and have their characters' personality perfectly.

 Princess Aerial at the tea party.

Here are some pictures of the food there. How can you say no to these?

 Amazing food!

Amazing dessert!

(What? I know, desserts are my food. lol)

It was an amazing experience. The last day before we have to head home wasn't easy. No one want to leave. Have to say goodbye to everybody.

The goodbye party on the last night. Many characters showed up and give everybody a chance to take a picture with.

But we will be back. What a wonderful experience with Disney Wonder! I have never been to any Disney parks before. I don't know what to expect there but I can tell you that Disney Wonder is awesome!

If you are planning a vacation, this is the ONE! All of us feel like we were in a dream for the whole week! Everything was so good to be true. But you know, this is dream comes true! :)

Disney Wonder, we don't want to leave you and yes, we will be back!

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