Saturday 6 June 2015

Smart Weigh SMS500 advanced memory scale #Review

My old bathroom scale was an old fashion one. There is no LCD screen light, no memory, no nothing. Just the one with pin moving when you step on. I have seen some of the scale at our friends' houses and really like it. I came across the Smart Weigh SMS500. To me, this is a big step up for me. This scale is a smart memory scale comes in black color. It has tempered glass platform and backlit LCD. It can store up to 8 user profiles. What I am really amaze about this scale is it recognize me.

Let's take a look at this scale when I was unpacking.

Ok, what do I mean when I said it recognize me. Every time when a different person step on it, it will automatically programs user profiles. I took turn stepping on the scale with my husband, it can tell the different and display our weights at the different profiles.

Another function that I really like is when I or a new user step on it for the first time, it automatically programs user profile and displays initial weight reading in blue color. For the next time, if I loss weight, the scale will display my weight in green and if I gained weight, it will display in red. Isn't that cool? This scale can store up to 8 users. It will alert me if the scale has been moved or needs to be recalibrated. It can records measurements in lbs. and oz. and has a maximum capacity at 440 lbs or 200 kgs. The scale uses 4 AAA batteries and includes a two-year manufacturer's warranty. 

 Batteries are in the back of the scale.

I found that it is very easy to track my weight. Just step on a scale, read, and step off. The scale itself looks very beautiful. The LCD display adds more elegance to the scale but yet has a lot of space for us to step on. 

I was trying to step on with my toaster to see if the scale can tell the different or will it show in red color

Buy it!

You can purchase it on Amazon for $39.64. Regular price is at $59.95 which means 34% off.

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