Wednesday 22 April 2015

Boy's Toddler Lil Viking with Wholesale Halloween Costumes #Review

I love working for Wholesale Halloween Costume. They have many costumes for all ages. This year they have many more costumes for 2015 that I spent a lot of time choosing the cutest one for my son, Elias. There are so many cute ones and I want them all. lol I finally, with the help from my husband, chose Lil' Viking costume for him.

As always, I am very pleased with the quality of the costume. This adorable little Viking costume is a full body jumpsuit. It seems very well made and will keep my son warm when we have to go outside. I am thinking ahead about this Halloween. Usually it is pretty cold. Last year, my daughter was really cold in her princess dress. I am really glad that I got this Lil' Viking jumpsuit. As you can see in the pictures, It can covers his whole body. Plus, I can put more clothes under him to keep him warm and he still looks great like a little Viking.

This costume included the black shoe covers that have grip-style soles. If he can walk by that time, this will help him to not slip waling in the house before he go trick or treating and keep him warm over his socks when he go out.

The thick top has a short-sleeved base and chain mail mesh sleeves. Plush gray fur runs along the bottom and cuffs. Super cute and very well made!

 There are snap buttons along the legs. This will be very handy when I need to change his diapers! What a smart idea. This costume makes mamas happy in every way.

The outfit comes with sewn-in belt. (Just to make it even more adorable.)

 This is the front.

 This is what it look like from the back.

 The back of the jumpsuit has zipper, very easy to put on and take it off.

Not only that, here comes the best part, the Viking helmet. The helmet has a feather-soft orange beard attached to the inside.

Look at my little Viking!

"Erik the Red" Such a cute viking...not scary at all. hehe

Some costume cannot be washed. To me, it is not very clean specially when you lend it to someone. I love costumes that can be washed. This one can be washed in cold, gentle cycle. Of course, cannot bleach. After the wash, it has to be hung dry. Cannot be ironed. It is perfect for me and my little Viking Elias!

I have a very good news for you. This little Viking costume just came on sale. Instead of $64.49, you pay only $42.99! (That is $21.50 in saving!)You will be very pleased with this costume.

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  1. What a cute little Viking, So squeezable

  2. Your little Viking is adorable :-) This certainly sounds like a well-made costume and that is worth a lot.


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