Tuesday 2 December 2014

Gift Guide : Buck Denver asks "What's in the Bible" Vol. 10 #Review #Giveaway #GiftGuide

As many of you may know, Buck Denver has many series. The one I am going to talk about today is Volume 10 "Jesus Is The Good News!" This volume contains two 25-minute episodes:

Episode 1: "God's Perfect Timing"
Buck Denver and crew learn about the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments and how Jesus arrives at just the perfect time.

Episode 2: "The Messiah has come!"
Learn about the life and ministry of Jesus - how he died for us and rose again to launch the kingdom of God in the world and in us!
Check out the trailer here.

I love that Buck Denver is funny. It is funny even for adults. We have learn so much about yhe Bible from this series. It is well made and help everyone to understand the Bible easily.

I used to question myself when I read children Bible for my kids. How am I going to explain the Bible to my kids when it comes to the part that doesn't seems to be easy to explain. Children Bible sometimes skip those part such as the death of people in the Bible. This DVD, there is a part that Jesus was crucified. I was wondering how Phil going to explain this without hiding the truth from children but yet make them to understand it clearly. I am really happy that he made it clearly that Jesus is portrayed as the ONLY way to salvation. Not only that, he also lead children to ask questions to parents as well.

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 Visit What's in the Bible website. There are so many good items that will make a great gifts for this Christmas.

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  1. yes as there is always something new to be learnt from God's Word.

  2. I love how Buck Denver is funny and i and my kids enjoy the songs on what's in the bible.


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