Tuesday 10 September 2013

All the Tips and Tricks you Need to Wash your Diapers! from Glow Bug Cloth diapers

I got an email a while ago from Glow Bug Cloth diapers. It is a good timing because my diapers started to leak. After I read this information, I would love to share with my readers. This is really helpful!

All the Tips and Tricks you Need to Wash your Diapers!

1.  Not enough water in the washing machine
Make sure your machine is tuned to the max amount of water. If you have an HE machine, you may find that a soaking wet bath towel will help get that extra water in without voiding your machine's warranty.

2.  Not the right kind of soap
Make sure you are using a non-residue soap such as Rockin Green.  Other detergents (even natural soaps) can coat fibers and build residue.  Don't underestimate the importance of using the right soap! Residue is the most common cause of leaks with cloth diapers.

3.  Too much soap
Start with about half the manufacturer's recommendation for soap and then increase from there.  If you see suds in your wash, you are using too much soap!

4.  Low water temperature
Make sure that your water heater is turned up to 130 degrees and that you are washing in hot water.  130 degrees is the perfect temperature required to sanitize the diapers and remove residue.

5. Using the "steam/sanitize" setting or boiling diapers
Make sure to not expose the diapers to steam, boiling water or anything else that will be so hot as to damage the waterproofing layer.

6.  Using other additives
Don't be tempted to use any form of natural or essential oils, softeners or dryer sheets with your diapers.  All of these thing can create residue. When washed properly, your diapers will have no odor and will require no additional treatment.

7.  Using bleach
The best way to get rid of a cloth diaper stain is to leave it in the sun and then to keep using and washing it until the stain comes out.  The sun will bleach your diapers without harming them. Using bleach on your cloth diapers can break down the fibers and is only recommended to use sparingly in cases of yeast or tough residue.

8.  Washing too many diapers at one time
Make sure to wash a maximum of 24 diapers at once. You want your diapers to rub against each other, but not to be too crowded that they won't become clean. 

9.  High heat in the dryer
Make sure that when you prep your diapers that you heat seal them at least once by using high heat in your machine, then use the medium heat regularly when drying your diapers.  If you know that your machine runs particularly hot (and in most HE machines), heat seal on medium and use low for regular drying.

10.  Panic about leaks!
Don't panic!  Leaks are almost always due to residue.  If you are experiencing leaks, go through this list to be sure that you have all your bases covered, give your diapers a nice soak with your non-residue soap and get them out in the sun.  If the leaks persist, make sure to fill out our Troubleshooting Form here and we will help you get down to the bottom of the problem.

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