Wednesday 8 May 2013

Somebody stole my green tea Frappuccino. Sigh.

Did you go get your Frappuccino from Starbucks yet? It is half a price from 3-5 pm right now.
I did today. Yay! I love green tea Frappuccino the most. little 19 months old wants to try it too.
She was tired and when she saw me drink that good looking drink, she was just really cranky and keep asking for it!

Well, I gave her a sip and got into the car. Started driving. She kept saying "more, more, more, more" and started to cry. So I gave her another sip.
She doesn't want me to take it back.

I ended up left the drink between her legs. I ordered the large size so the cup was about her body long. I wish I have a camera. She was sucking the whole thing out by the time we got home. (Only 10 mins drive.)

Now I looked at my Frappuccino that I was waiting for, it's only ice left. :(

You, my little turd. lol

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