Monday 7 January 2013

Plane ride to Thailand with our 1 year old daughter

We usually come to visit my Thai family in Thailand once a year. This year our daughter is a year old and we were afraid about the plane ride. We connected in Korea and the first trip took almost 12 hours. We were so tired!

She did pretty good though. She slept a few hours after we left the airport. But she couldn't sleep in last few hours before we landed which that means 4 hours past her bed time. (It actually was after midnight.) She was confuse that she is tired but it's still so bright like noon!

We were really tired too. I let her pick my face while I was trying to sing for her to sleep and I was falling as sleep in the same time. I don't really know how did I do that.

Finally, my husband has to put her on carrier and walk around the plane until the plane almost landed. But it works!

I am glad.

While we were waiting to transfer in Korea, we had a few people say that she did pretty good on the plane.I agree. But this is the longest plane ride ever in my life!

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