Thursday, 30 August 2012

Penticton Roadtrip adventure Part 2

After the first part that our car broke down 4 times. Now we are in Penticton. (Finally)

While we were in Penticton, there was 30th Annual Ironman Canada Triathlon event.
This is world class free Events, Sporting Events & Race. Penticton sporting event has over 3,000 triathletes taking part in the triathlon which includes a grueling 2.4mi/3.8km swim, 112mi/180km bike & 26.2mi/42.2km run. That is crazy! Take a look at the map below.
 It's over 200 kms that you have to race in one day!
Our grandparents told us that this will be the last year of Ironman.
The City of Penticton and Subaru Ironman Canada had announced that they’ve signed a significant contract with Challenge Family, a distance triathlon organization based in Germany.

The 30th annual Subaru Ironman Canada race last week was the final event in Penticton with the name Ironman. I was sad when I heard about this. I learned that the race started from modest roots in 1983 with a field of 23 competitors and grew exponentially to the 3,000 athletes that took part in recent years.

The good thing is, there still be the race next year with the different name. Whew..

After watched and cheered the triathletes raced, I feel like joining the race next time. But think about it again. No, I think I will die doing this race.

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