Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Penticton roadtrip adventure Part 1

We just got back from Penticton last night.
We went to visit our grandparents, friends and our church there.

Quite an adventure we had last week. Why?  Let me tell you.

We left on Friday morning. We were trying to leave at 9 am. We ended up leave almost noon.
After we past Hope, the engine light on the dashboard went on.
We decided to turn around and come back to Hope.
We stopped at Shell and have it checked.
Our mechanic said we have to change the Spark plug. 
I thought "Again?". We just changed them about 1 week and a half ago before our trip to Oregon.
Well, can't do anything. If we want to keep going, we have to change them.

After that we hit the road again. My husband was so excited. He said the car runs better than before. While we just about the go up the hill, the light went on again!
Hmm...we turned around and went back.

Our mechanic checked and found something broke under the spark plugs. So we had it fixed. Good that we found this in Hope. If we didn't know about this and keep going, our car might broke down in the middle of nowhere and it will cost us a fortune to tow it back.

By this time, it was about 3 pm. We were so hungry so we drove to Subway. After the meal, we hit the road again. Heading to Pentiction finally.

Back to the same hill. Just about the went up, the light went on again!
Oh dear. We went back to the same shop, afraid to meet our mechanic again because he is so nice to us and he was really busy on that day.

This time after he check our engine, we went out for a test drive with my husband. Everything was good. My husband was so excited that finally we will be leaving the Fraser Valley.

Off we go again.

I know what are you thinking. Yes, the same hill. The light went on again. By this time it's about 4 pm. Our mechanic doesn't know what was wrong with our car. Everything seems fine and quite perfect.
He recommended us to go to Lordco and pick up some parts. If we changed it, it might stop something that caused this.

We drove to Lordco and picked up the part that he recommended us. My husband said we will keep driving until the engine light is on again and then we will stop to change and put this new part in.

Yes, we started driving again. After coming back to the same mechanic shop 4 times!

The same hill, up we went. We all prayed that we will be able to make it this time. We kept driving. Up the hill we go and down and the light wasn't on anymore. We kept driving and finally we are in Penticton 3 hours after that.

Until we got back home, the light never went on again. It took us from 12 pm till 9 pm to Pentiction from Abbotsford.

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